Friday, December 01, 2006

It is now December and the new year is right around the corner. So this is the time that everyone tries to travel to visit family or to use the rest of their vacation time at work so they won't loose it. So off everyone goes to exotic destinations filled with blooming flowers and warmer weather so they can take a break from the winter cold. In honor of you vacationers I would like to share a beauty spread that I did.

I used makeup and skin care by Borghese to create this soft sexy look that is perfect for those sandy beaches while you are on vacation, but you can still come back home and be in style for all of those holiday parties you will be attending!

Speaking of party looks, I did another tv appearance about winter skin care and the perfect party makeup! I'll save that for next month's issue....just to keep you coming back! I know, I know...I'm mean. Well, to make it up to you I'll answer some of your beauty questions.

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I have attempted on several occasions to appl false eyelashes,strips and individuals, the problem is that they only stay on for 1 day. I am using MAC duo eyelash glue. How do you get the lashes to last for over a day, ideally I would like to keep them for 1-2 weeks."- from Aida in Michigan.

Answer: If you are trying to reuse eyelashes, the biggest thing you need to do is clean your false eyelashes AND your eyelashes thoroughly so there aren't any traces of eyelash adhesive on them. This will make it easier to reapply the glue the next time you want to use them again.

Even though it is suggested not to use a non-oily makeup remover, I like to use Lancome's Bificil because it is designed to remove waterproof mascara. It will also make it easy to remove the adhesive residue as well.

Pour some of the remover into a small container so you can put the false lashes into the container to lightly soak as much of the adhesive off. Then take the false lashes between your fingers and rub them to see if you feel any aditional adhesive. Once you don't feel any more adhesive wash then with warm water and a bit of shampoo to get any oils off the lashes then rinse them with warm water and let them dry.

For your real lashes, saturate a cotton ball (not acrylic) with the remover and then set the cotton ball on your lashes for a couple of moments before you wipe. This will give the remove more time to break down the adhesive and prevent any of your eyelashes from breaking. Then use a cotton swab to rub between lashes to ensure that they are totally cleaned. Now you shoule be able to reapply the lashes again.

I haven't been in a situation that the person wanted to wear their lashes for several days without taking them off, but if you wanted to do that I would suggest trying Ardell LashTite Adhesive. It is very strong and waterproof.

Beauty question: "I'm getting married in 90 degree weather next year. Have narrowed down the wedding makeup to coral blush and lipstick. I am, however, stuck on what to do with my eyes. I fear a smokey eye may be too much for my skills. My regular look is black eyeliner across the top lashes and mascara. Do you think simply that with the coral blush and liner would look nice, or could you give me some simple tips on easy eye looks that I could practice?" from Becka in Canada

Answer: It sounds like you have a simple yet classy style, but you want to add a touch of sexiness to it for your wedding. If smokey eyes are too hard for you to do, then lets to a variation from the style that you already know how to master.

Before we start talking about your eyes, lets add some sexiness to more areas of your body.

Nothing is sexier than healthy glowing skin so start by using Olay's "Touch of Sun" lotion right after your shower to moisturize and give your skin a soft sunkissed glow.
It will become dry to the touch so it won't leave marks on your clothes, but it's 24 hour moisture lock keeps your skin hydrated all day and sun kissed all night without appearing fake or orange!

Next add that sun kissed glow to your face by applying a powder bronzer to all areas that the sun would naturally give you a touch of color. Brush it on your cheeks, chin, temples and softly arose your nose. Then apply your coral blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Now lets work on those eyes! I like to put a little bronzer on the eye lid from crease to lash and as an soft eyeliner on the lower lashes using the Sable Eye Detailer brush # BP-211 by Japonesque. Now line your upper lash line with a pencil, but instead of using black try using another shade like Lancome Le Crayon Khol Waterproof pencil in Raisin Noir or Prune. It will compliment your skin tone and bring out your eye color. Make sure you line a little bit heavier than you usually do so you can use the Eye Detailer to smudge it and give your eyes the touch of smokiness that you want.

To add more sexiness try a few false eyelashes on the outer corners of your eyelashes. Then curl your lashes and add a few coats of waterproof mascara and finish with your lipcolor. Voila!!! Now you look sexy yet elegant for your wedding!

Beauty question: "This isn't a beauty question but I wanted to know where you got your training from, I'm interested in becoming a makeup artist also but i'm having a lot of trouble finding a school. I would love to attend one of yourworkshops or even be an apprentice to you. Do you know of any internships or any one in need ofan apprentice? P.S. I LOVE Your Work "- from Danielle in Massachusetts.

Answer: I became a makeup artist the hard way, I was self taught. I have been a makeup artist since 1985 and I started my career as a freelance makeup artist for cosmetic companies. Through my skill and creativity I quickly became a national makeup artist for companies like Lancome, Borghese and Ultima II when they were in department stores.

To learn I would absorb any bits of information that I would get. I would read beauty and fashion magazines. I would study the techniques of other makeup artists, and I would read beauty books. The most thing I would do is practice, practice, practice!

When I decided to start the Makeup Artist Workshop, I wanted it to be exciting and creative for the students. So it is all hands on, with lectures, demonstrations and Q&A. I even have opportunities for students to assist me on real jobs to help them build their skill and their resume.

You can go to THE MAKEUP ARTIST WORKSHOP page to see the next class dates, or you can sign up for the newsletter.

I look forward to next month's beauty questions, so keep on writting in!


Everyone always asks me what new product have I tried and this is the perfect time to share one of my new favorite things. As a makeup artist, we are asked to create things that can be hard to do as if we had a magic wand but now we have some help with a little MAGIC WATER by Model Co. . It might not be real magic but it can work wonders! It can transform powder eye shadow into water resistant eyeliner. Keeps your eye liner on all day too! Who says you need pixie dust! I love this product!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Many people ask me what inspires me and it changes all the time. But this month I got a chance to write about it.

Rock and Roll has always been a major influence to society for years. In this month's issue of Cosmetech magazine I show it's influence through a beauty spread called "What Inspires you?"

In this shoot my inspiration was from rock icons David Bowie, KISS and the Rolling Stones. They made such of an impact that generations later, people are still influenced.

To create most of the looks I used Kett airbrush Hydra makeup and the Hydro Pro makeup so the colors would be vibrant and beautiful.

Ok, now that I told you what inspired me this month, let me know your beauty questions so I can inspire you too!!

Beauty Questions
Beauty question: "I am an African-American woman with very pigmented lips. I am in search of a lipstick/gloss that will give me a nude or natural look. Alot of times colors actually change on my lips. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated."- from Melissa in Ohio.

Answer: Many people have the problem of lip colors changing, but don't worry it's not a health problem. Your body's natural acid is causing your lipsticks to change.

Who says that you have to use lipstick to create lip color anyway? Try using other products like powder blush on lips when you want color.

For a nude lip mix foundation and conceal on the back of your hand until you create the color that you want. If you don't like to mix shades, then just look for a tube of concealer that is the shade of your choice. Black Opal has a wonderful selection of concealer shades to choose from.

Apply a thin layer on your lips with your finger. Next blot lips so it doesn't look or feel thick.
Next line your lips with a lip pencil. Choice a brown shade that will compliment your skin tone. I like to use Black Silk or Espresso by Iman cosmetics. After lining your lips blend the line with your finger to soften the it so there are no obvious lines. You should now have the perfect nude lip that you love that won't change colors.

To add shine, lightly pat a very sheer layer of gold gloss on your bottom lip. Press lips together to disperse product to the top lip as well. Try Iman's Luxury Lip Shimmer in Impetuous. If lips look "drippy" glossy, then you used too much and all of the colors you created will slide off quickly through out the day. Lips should have a delicate shimmer of shine.

Beauty question: "i read that you did brenda song's makeup what makeup andcleansing products did u use on her skin? thank you!"- from Sana in California

Answer: Just like many celebirites, Brenda also uses Proactive to take care of her skin.

As a typical teenager, Brenda loves to shop, she loves shoes and loves makeup. For her tv appearance I used several makeup brands to create her look.

I used Tarte eyeshadows to create the fun exotic look on her eyes in shades of gold, black and plum. For her cheeks I used 2 shades of Victoria Secret Mosaic blush colors. I started with a golden bronze shades to emphasize her skin tone and then finished with a pink on the apples of her cheeks to add a flush of color.

For her lips a mixture of various lip glosses by Sugar were used. Not only does it make your lips look good, but it smells great too. The body moisturizer used was Quench by Olay.

Beauty question: "When I was having my hair colored(blonde)at the salon, thehairdresser tried to convince me to let her color dye my brown eyebrows toblonde. However, I said no because I didn't think blonde hair and blonde browswould look good the same color. Was I right? Isn't contrast needed?"- from Pat in Florida.

Answer: Congratulations on your new look, but your stylist is right. If you are coloring your hair, then you need your brows to compliment your look. You don't want to look like a female Groucho Marcs with a heavy looking brow or look like your are stuck in the 1980s.. Let your stylist color your brows to compliment your hair color so it will look more natural. A lighter brow color can also make you look younger. So trust your stylist. Keep in mind, it is just borw color and it can be changed again if you don't like it.

I look forward to your next set of questions. The more you ask, the more I can answer for you.


I get to use many different products but one of my favorite things that I like to feature this month is Kett's new Hydro Pro airbrush products. I was able to create many looks with it this month and the colors were impeccagle!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Being a makeup artist can be a lot of fun projects especially when I get to travel to other countries to do fashion and beauty shoots. One of my favorite project to do is tv appearances because I get to talk about skin care and makeup tips. Recently I did an appearance about makeup for back to school. This was particularly fun because I get to encourage the younger generation to take care of themselves and to express their individual beauty. You can see footage of the appearance by clicking onto the picture.

I also enjoy talking to other makeup artists, especially when I host the Makeup Artist Workshop. This 2 day HANDS-ON workshop teaches the makeup techniques needed to become a professional makeup artist for print ads, editorials, TV and video. The workshop will also provide challenges to help develop good makeup skills and increase creativity within the artist. The Makeup Artist Workshop is having its LAST CLASSES OF THE YEAR on November 18 - 19, 2006. Some of the things that will be discussed are:

The understand the profession of being a professional makeup artist.
Break down what TYPE of artist you want to be, so you know how to move forward to the next level
Learn what style of makeup to focus on while on set
Learn what to have in your kit
Learn proper hygiene while on set
and much more!

There will also be a makeup artist business class called "Mind Your Business" on November 17, 2006. For those wanting to learn airbrush makeup, there will be an Airbrush Workshop on November 20, 2006 (class questions? )

Ok! Lets get to your beauty questions now....

Beauty Questions
Beauty question: "How would you go about being able to apply makeup like a professional for yourself? Where would you go to learn? I Don't have any Classes Nearby where i live that Offers makeup classes or anything of the sort."- from Jillian in Alabama.

Answer: Even though you are in Alabama, there are things that you can do to learn how to apply your makeup better, and even master it. Start by reading beauty magazines like Allure. They will keep you informed about makeup trends that you can apply to your style so your look never becomes "dated".

You can also get books that have a lot of step by step information about applying makeup.

Some good ones to try are Hair & Makeup" (shown to the left) by Jane Campsie, "Makeup Your Mind" (shown to the right) by Francois Nars, "Making Faces" (shown lower left) by Kevyn Aucoin and "The Power of Makeup" (shown lower right) by Trish McEvoy. You can get the books through Amazon or your local book store.

Look at the various styles in the books to find the style that suits you and your lifestyle the most, then practice the look on your face.

If you prefer more of a one on one approach, try stopping at your local department store. Many makeup counters, like Lancome or Bobbi Brown, at the department stores have well educated makeup professionals who can help you. Ask for a makeup application by the person that has a makeup look that you like. As they apply it to one side, ask to duplicate what they do on the other side of your face. This will help you to learn perfect your makeup technique.

Beauty question: "How do you make the lipstick and lipgloss look so good without making clumpy and making it look so sheer? I put on my lip gloss and lipstick and it looks clumpy."- from Ailyn in Georgia

Answer: Make sure you start with great skin. Chapped lips can make lipstick and gloss look clumpy.

Start by putting a warm damp wash cloth on your mouth so skin can absorb the moisture and soften dry skin. Then apply a liberal amount of vaseline to the lips and brush the skin with a clean unused toothbrush. This will exfoliate the skin. Next apply a lip base like Base de Maquillage by Lise Watier to keep lipstick smooth and make it last longer.

Keep lips hydrated and moisturized to maintain healthy skin.

When applying your lipstick try using a lip brush to only apply what you need. Start with the bottom lip, and then press your lips together to put lipstick on your upper lip. Then fill in any missing areas with your lip brush. If your lipstick still looks a little heavy take your index finger and blot some of the color off. The warmth from your finger and your lips will also help melt the color onto your lips so color becomes a thin veil instead of a heavy layer of color.

Beauty question: "How would you go about covering scars or unsightly marks on the body while keeping it looking naturally?"- from Jane in Ohio.

Answer: The trick is to not pile on tons and tons of makeup to cover it. Thin layers of high pigmented product is better to use. For very special occasions you can also get it professional airbrush with waterproof and smudge proof makeup. It lays against the skin like a second layer without a heavy feeling, yet giving you the full coverage that you need.

I look forward to your next set of questions. The more you ask, the more I can answer for you.


One of my favorite things has been the new Olay Creme Ribbons Body Wash. I love this so much because it suds up with thick velvet bubbles, that leave your skin soft and smooth with it's moisturizing effects. Once you try this you will be as hooked as I am!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Everyone loves watching America's Next top model. The spunky 5'7" model Eva Pigford, who won in the 3rd season seems to be a favorite of everyone.

She has been seen in Cover Girl ad campaigns, on the red carpet at award shows, on the cover of Essence magazine, and has played the leading lady of Jaime Fox's new music video Unpredictable.

She has also been acting and will be in the film "I Think I Love My Wife" with actor/comedian Chris Rock February 2007. When she was younger they used to call her "Eva the Diva". If "Diva" means "all eyes are on her" now you know why.....she can do it ALL!

As the beauty director for Brides Noir magazine, I had the opportunity to do her makeup for the cover and the 7 page spread for this month's September issue. We shot the spread at Breezes Runaway Bay resort in Jamaica. That same spunky fun loving attitude that you saw on the ANTM show was the highlight of the shoot and the whole trip.

Our day started at 7am. in an air conditioned office that was converted into a dressing area. I worked on getting all of my makeup organized while celebrity hair artist Nedjetti arranged her CHI hair products and curling elements.

Even though the air conditioning was a little cold that early in the morning, we definitely needed it as the temperature outside kept rising throughout the day. We can't have everything melting before we hit the set!

New York fashion stylist Fatimah Simmons brought some of the most beautiful gowns and pant suits for her to wear. They were gorgeous! The gown that became the cover shot was by Reem Acra . It had beautiful elaborate beading on the upper bodice! Can you say...."Luxurious!"

We shot for 12 hours, only to break to eat breakfast, lunch and the occasional mango from the fruit tray they provided. We went from location to location, changing looks and clothes for each one. You would think that after a long day this pint sized celebrity model/actress would go off to be alone and not want to be bothered. On the contrary! She is an amazing person! We finished our day with the laughter of her jokes at the dinner table and then danced the night away in the resort club! I think I lost 5 lbs on that trip!

Time for your beauty questions!!

Beauty Questions
Beauty question: "I have a pretty nasty scar and i cover it up with make up, but my make up sometimes looks pretty heavy on my skin. What do you recommend for that?"- from Michelle in Oregon.

Answer: I am not sure which makeup product you are currently using as a cover up, but if it looks heavy on your skin than it may be a result from improper application of the makeup, instead of the product itself.

I suggest using Dermablend or Dermacolor products because it is designed to cover scars and major discoloration problems without transferring to clothes. It is even waterproof so you can swim with it on as well.

When you are applying these types of products, they are already highly pigmented, and thick in consistency. So there isn't a need to apply it in a thick layer. Instead use sheer layers and build according to your need. It is always easier to keep adding product, than to try to remove too much of a product. This will also ensure that your application looks as natural as possible.

I prefer to press the foundation into the skin with my fingertips, so the heat from your fingers can melt the product seamlessly around scar edges. After you are satisfied with the look and coverage then set the product with the special setting powder. Use a velour powder puff to press and roll it into the skin.

Beauty question: "If I put all the lotions and potions on my face that I need (moisturizers, anti-wrinkle cream,serums,primers, sun screen, etc)my foundation certainly would glide on smoothly, but then I'm left with a greasy, slimy feeling to my face! What can I eliminate so my face doesn't feel so dirty? And the summer heat and humidity in South Florida also adds to my problem!"- from Pat in Florida

Answer: When it is hot outside, the last thing you want to feel is greasy and sticky. So skip some of heavier creams or treatments and save if for night time.

Use a serum in the daytime, which is usually light weight, and put it on your skin immediately after washing your face and then let it sink in. Comb your hair, brush your something while your skin takes it's time completely drinking in the benefits.

Then put your moisturizer that has multipurpose things included. For example, instead of using a separate SPF get an anti-aging moisturizer that has an SPF included. Use eye gels instead of creams for the day, and save the creams for night time.

Then your use light weight makeup products. Try using Kevyn Aucoin's Skin Enhancing foundation. It dries to a non-transferable finish that doesn't require the use of face powder.
Use powder blush and eyeshadow instead of creams, so skin feels less sticky. All of these things will help you feel as good as you look.

Beauty question: "What is the best way to cover up moles? I mean large moles on my back. Thanks"- from Toni in Arizona.

Answer: Talk to a dermatologist, esthetician or regular doctor if it is a raised mole. They have the technology to remove raised moles, as if they were never there.

If it is a flat mole try covering it up with the Dermablend products that I mentioned earlier. You can also try using the Spray on Stockings or Air Stockings. The product is light weight, looks natural and is usually non transferable. It looks great on legs, and the body. Just make sure you don't put it on too heavy.

No matter if the mole is flat or raised, please have them checked regularly by a doctor to make sure that they are not cancerous.

Keep all of those great beauty questions coming! If you have a beauty question click onto the listed link and let me know what it is and I'll post it here!


One of my favorite things has been the new Fall colors from Nars. I had a chance to use them with several beauty shoots. I also used it to create the cover look on Eva in the image above. The colors are in shades of chocolate brown, gold and cream which are subtle yet with a touch of shimmer that adds sexiness that is perfect to go from day to evening.

Cover Colors on Eva: The bronze part of Bohemian Gold on the lid with the dark part of India Song in the crease and lower outer eye. The cheeks are Oasis on the apples, after I contoured. Then I mixed Café Con Leche with a gloss for the lips. Voila'!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Now that the Fall trends for hair, makeup, fashion and nails have already come and gone from the runway, it is time for the public to apply the new styles of the season to their personal wardrobe. So this month's issue of Skin Inc. magazine keeps pros informed about what to expect for the Fall/Winter makeup and hair looks.

For this story I worked with makeup assistant Kellie Keck, another Makeup Artist Workshop student. We used products from Sorme, Joey New York and a few other brands to create the colorful, yet elegant looks.

Here are a few looks to see what styles are great for this fall. You can read the article by clicking onto the image.

Even though Fall is around the corner, it is still hot outside so I'm sure you are wondering what to do with your skin care and makeup in this summer heat. Well NBC channel 5 in Chicago asked me to talk about that very subject.

With office parties and evenings out after work, there isn't always a lot of time to look refreshed and beautiful when you come straight from work. So I mentioned a few tips that will help you look like good even after a long hectic day on the job. To see the whole video clip, just click onto the image.

Time to answer some of your beauty questions!

Beauty question: "I have been getting laser surgery for tattoo removal, and am looking for a good cover-up makeup. I've heard about airbrushing. Do you think this would work for me? I just need it temporarily until the tattoo is completely gone."- from LaDonna in Indiana

Answer: Here are the pros and cons to airbrush for tattoos. If you are looking to cover a tattoo for one event than airbrushing is nice because it lays close to the skin and is feather light weight so in the Summer heat you don't feel your makeup. Airbrush is also great if your skin is going to be sensitive to the touch because you don't have to touch it to apply it to the skin. The feeling of the air and makeup flowing onto your skin feels great.

What is the downside? If your tattoo is on an area of your body that might have constant friction, like your lover back, then conventional tatoo cover up would be better suited because it will have better staying power. I suggest either Dermablend, Dermacolor or Kryolan. There are individual pots or mini palettes like you see here, to work with. Click onto the picture to get more information or to purchase the product.

Another thing you need to consider is the number of times you need it covered. If you want to cover your tattoo daily until it is completely gone, then getting your tattoo airbrushes can get expensive if you are not doing it yourself.

If you want your own airbrush, consider purchasing one at Temptu. They have various formulas to choose from. Just tell them what you want to do, so they can pick the correct product for your needs.

Beauty question: "Maybe you can help clear something up! I have been having a difficult time reconciling the whole "warm" vs. "cool" tone with myself. I have dark blue eyes (cool, right?) and olive skin with bluish veins (also cool, right)? Ahh, but the hair... it's a deep brown color but when I go in the sun it picks up great reddish-gold highlights... which is warm. Whenever I have tried to highlight my hair in the past with "cool" tones, it takes on an awful greenish hue... so am I just really off-base, or is it possible to have warm AND cool elements? And if so, how do I reconcile them?"- from Susan in Texas.

Answer: When determining your skin's undertone, focus on your skin instead of your eye color. If you have bluish veins instead of green ones then your skin's undertones are cool, so cool tones will look more natural on your skin, but that doesn't limit your options. You can still wear warm tones, they will just give your skin contrast.

An excellent example to look at is Nicole Kidman. She has pale skin with cool undertones. When her hair is a medium blond (without golden undertones added) she looks more natural and soft, but when she changes things up to a warmer reddish shade of hair color the contrast to her skin gives her a sexy sophistication that looks just as beautiful.

So if you want to warm up your hair with a reddish color with golden highlights, try using shades of coral or peach on your cheeks to compliment your hair but give your skin a nice contrast that will still look wonderful on your skin.

No matter what you decide to do, if you are ever in doubt about your makeup look at what nature gave you. Look at lip color and mimic it. Whether a shade lighter or darker you already know you will look great. For a natural looking blush, just pinch your cheeks to see what shade to use.

Beauty can be "skin deep" if you just look.

Beauty question: "hi I'm a 13 year old girl and I'm really crazy about my skin looking great but i haven't found anything good to put on it im very confused like do i need foundation or something else if you could suggest a few products it would be really great!! I'm just trying to go for a natural and flawless look and also what is the best but not expensive bronzer?? thankkk u soo much!!!

Sorry again but just one last question i was wondering if Burt's Bees Marshmallow Vanishing Creme moisturizer will be good for me also i want a more finished face should I buy Bare Minerals foundation or just the face color??

Sorry also i was wondering what products are good for a natural look?? thanksss ALOT!!
"- from Sana in California

Answer: I am glad that great looking skin is important to you because that is your best beauty feature especially when you are 13 years old. Start by having a good skin care regime. Olay Dual Action Cleaner & Toner is a great place to start. It is inexpensive, and you are able to do two steps in one.

You can also keep your skin looking great during sports activity or between classes with Olay Daily Facials Express Wet. You get 30 disposable cleansing cloths for about $5.00. I use them all the time on myself and models to completely clean skin or to correct makeup mess ups without the need of a sink. It can even remove waterproof mascara. It's one of my favorite products to use.

I haven't used Burt's Vanishing Cream either, but it is supposed to be a light weight moisturizer that is great to use in the day time. If you have normal to dry skin, than this might be perfect for your skin. To get the best benefit make sure to only use it on freshly cleaned skin.

I have used many mineral based products, but if your skin tone is already even, you don't need foundation even if it is a mineral based one. If you only have a few problem areas to cover up, skip foundation and just use a concealer the same shade as your skin to cover them up. If you need a little more correction try a tinted moisturizer so your skin can show through.

When you want to add a little color try one of my favorite makeup products, Victoria Secrets Mosaic Blush in Spice. I use it as an eye shadow and as a blush to compliment the skin without over powering it. Then I use a nautral lip gloss, like Victoria Secrets Mirror Mirror Shiny Lip Gloss in Bronze Baby to finish the look.

For bronzers try Wet N' Wild, they are my FAVORITE. They are inexpensive yet give you a look of golden sun kissed skin without looking orange or fake.

Great beauty questions! If you have a beauty question click onto the listed link and let me know what it is and I'll post it here!


I've mentioned a few but I can repeat it. Wet N' Wild Bronzing Powders are great to give your skin the glow you crave without the orange look you want to avoid. It is a great makeup find for only $4.00.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Eventhough it's hot outside the pages of magazines are already letting you know about all of the Fall color that will be coming your way! I had the opportunity to do makeup and hair for several Fall color beauty stories and here is a peak at one of them.

In this shot I used Sorme cosmetics. Their Fall color scheme was more earth tones and clean. Their colors were browns and pinky brown for a more natural look, but you see how it can easily be twisted to look a little more dramatic yet still classic with just an eye pencil. I added more drama with their black pencil. Their products were smooth and creamy to the touch with a lot of pigment that was easy to blend.

For the cover of this month's issue of Cosmetech magazine I did a clean pure look so the natural beauty of the various ethnic back grounds could shine through. I used a different makeup line on each person to create the looks that you see

There are other Fall color palettes as well like rich lip color with subtle stained eye shadow, like in the Joey New York collection. No matter which style you want to do, there is something elegant yet colorful for all.

Time to answer some of your beauty questions!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Could you mention tips on applying flawless foundation? What would you suggest to someone who wants to know about professional makeup application for themselves?"- from Ash in Ohio

Answer: When applying foundation you need to keep in mind that you are trying to duplicate flawless SKIN not drywall. So you want the texture to look smooth and fresh, not heavy and masky. Start by prepping your surface with a good moisturizer. Even if you skin is oily you still need a good hydrator so a water based moisture will work best for your skin.

Next prime your skin with a good primer. Primers help make the surface of the skin look and feel smoother. It also helps makeup click on skin better so you use less product. There are many great primers on the market but Black Radiance has a great primer that is light weight on your skin and easy on your wallet as well.

Now it's time to get rid of what you DON'T want to show through, like breakouts and redness on the skin, with a concealer. Apply the conceal with a concealer brush and patting (no rubbing) it with you finger. The heat from your finger will help the conceal to melt away seamlessly onto your skin making your flaws appear to disappear. Finally apply a light coat of foundation on the rest of your skin, starting with the center of your face, where most discoloration occurs, toward the hairline and jawline. The TRICK?.....PATTING instead of rubbing on the areas you applied concealer. You don't want to undo your work now do you?

Depending on the formula of your foundation, follow with a light dusting of powder, and PRESS the powder into your skin to set it. You can use a velour puff to do this or a makeup wedge. Then voila!....flawless skin without the heavy look.

Beauty question: "What can I do about sparse eyelashes? They seem so short and wimpy. Is there anything that can help them grow?"- from Pat in Florida

Answer: Thin sparse lashes might be due to lack of nutrition or vitamins that stress from our busy lives can deplete. You might want to check with your doctor to see if he can give you a prescription or multi-vitamin.

In the meantime, try using lash builders like Revlon Lash Fantasy® Primer & Mascara. It will make your lashes appear thicker and longer. You can also try adding a few false lashes on the outer cornes to give it some sex appeal. Ardell can be found at any drugstore and they have strip lashes and individual lashes for less than $4.00!

Beauty question: "I want my eyes to be exotic with dark colors. My eyes are a light blue. What colors should I use? Help!!"- from Shawni in Indiana

Answer: Brown shades make blue eyes stand out, but you can add exotic drama by using other shades like pink, burgundy and slate. For an exotic day look, start with a shade of pink or burgundy on the lid, from the lash to the crease. Then top the whole lid lightly with a light shimmery gold. Then draw a thin line at the lash line with a deep brown with an eyeliner pencil. Smudge and add one coat of mascara. The warmth of the brown will make your blue eyes pop the other shades will bring you additional exotic color without doing too much for day. For the evening you can spice it up by adding brown liner also to the bottom lashes and smudging it and topping the liner with a slate pencil in the inner lash line.

Great beauty questions! If you have a beauty question click onto the listed link and let me know what it is and I'll post it here!


My new favorite product is "Super Sheen Bronzing Mist" by Sephora. It gives your skin a golden glow, while the oils hydrate your skin. One of the best things that I like about this product is that it doesn't feel greasy on the skin, and it dries to a matte finish so you don't get oil stains all over your skin. This is perfect for the hot weather!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

An old friend of mine has gotten a makeover. It's not what you think's not a woman but a magazine called Bride's Noir! I've had the pleasure of working with Bride's Noir for a number of years now, as a contributing creative director and makeup artist for some of their shoots. Well now they have revamped themselves!

Bride's Noir magazine was the only African American bridal magazine in the United States for quite some time. There are a couple other ones now, but Bride's Noir stood out because it didn't look like....well...a typical BRIDAL magazine. Sure it had some bridal gowns in it, but it has a stronger fashion edge to it that sets it apart from the other bridal magazines.'s changing!....well at least it's web site has. It now has online articles, various resource links and some online fashion spreads. You can read one of the articles that I wrote for men by clicking onto the "About Face" image shown above.

Here are a few images that I did makeup and hair on for them but drop by the Bride's Noir link to see more!

I am usually very very busy each month on magazine shoots, commercial shoots and tv appearances but this was the first time I worked until I dropped! Not from exhaustion but from LAUGHTER!

One of my favorite shoots this month was for comedians!...for "The Godfathers of Comedy" show!

If' you've ever seen the Kings of Comedy, then you know what I'm talking about! My assistant, Diana Arce (MAW Makeup Artist of the Year winner), and I got the opportunity to work with 5 hilarious comedians!

The comedians were:

Frank Santorelli-who has played Georgie the bartender from the Sopronos. He also played on Meet the Parents, Spin City, Law in Order and was on the Conan O' Brien show.

Willie Fratto-who has packed houses at the showrooms in Vegas at the Sahara, Tropicana and the Riviera.

John Caponera-who was a regular on The Drew Carey show and appeared on ER and the David Letterman show.

Paul D'Angelo- who has written and directed several sitcom series, and was named Boston's best comedian.

Rocky LaPorte-who was named Las Vegas Comedy Festival "Comedian of the Year", and has appeared on the Tonight show and the film "The Shaggy Dog".

The comedians were from various locations, but all came together to put on a live performance at the Arcada Theatre in Illinois. The theatre is almost 90 years old, so it was beautiful inside!

From the moment that they sat in our chairs the laughter went on and on! The show was filmed in front of a live audience by Los Angeles director Rocco Urbisci and producer Neal Marshall, who was one of many producers on this project. It has plans to air on HBO as "The Italian Kings of Comedy" later on in the year.

They also had a few backstage clips in it, so you might see me working on the guys right before they come on stage. So if you want to laugh until your sides hurt?!!...then look for the video and cable show! Hopefully this will spin into a tour for them.

If you are like me, when the weather heats up you want to start showing off your skin and the Summer makeup to go with it. Click onto the image to see the "Sun Shower" beauty story for Summer color looks.

We used Jade for the model in this shoot. One of my favorite photographers Fred Ramirez took the pictures and Tasha Manney assisted me.

Jade is the typical blond, that had fair skin and freckles, but we changed all of that by making her look tan! Yep!...that's right!...Her tan isn't real. Models have to keep their skin particularly safe from the suns harmful rays, so we tanned her with a special mixture that I created. We applied it with regular makeup techniques and airbrushing to make her skin look smooth and even. It took a while to achieve but as you see, it was worth it. Jade was so happy, she didn't want to take it off. Jade exclaimed, "Wow! This is the darkest I've ever been! I'm going home to show my boyfriend."

Now that you visited the Sun Shower story do you want more beauty tips? No problem! You've asked me so I'm tellin' ya! Here are the answers to your beauty questions!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I actually I have a question about Make up artists in my area. The only ones i know are the ones at cosmetic counters and I have not found much help with them. I'm currently looking for looks for my Wedding and can't seem to find the right one. I would like to talk to a profesional makeup artist but don't know how to get ahold of one." - from Talyssa in Oklahoma

Answer: In reference to a makeup artist in Oklahoma....well..I don't know of one. You can also talk to a wedding coordinator for a makeup artist referal. But sometimes a makeup counter is your only option to work with.

Before you get a makeup artist the first thing I would do is my homework! Be prepared to know the look you want for your special day by deciding on a "style" you want. For example...if your dress was very fitted, and you had elegant table dressing then I would feel that your style is sophistacated and glamorous. Then look in InStyle magazine or Allure magazine to find the look that is in tune with your style. So maybe simple eyes with rich lips would be the perfect look for your wedding style.

If you have to use someone from a makeup counter, there are ways to find a good one to work with. Go to the makeup counter and ask each counter who does the best makeup application in the whole cosmetic department. By going from counter to counter, it will be easier to get a more accurate answer.

If you can't find "that person" at your favorite department store, don't settle. Be preparted to go to other stores outside of your normal area to other surrounding areas. If you still can't find one, then ask the account coordinator of your favorite makeup brand who their best makeup artist is, because it might be a freelance makeup artist that is only in the stores occassionally.

Once you have your artist, make sure to book that person for your trail run inside the store, but book them also for your wedding day OUTSIDE of the store. When you are doing the trail make sure you purchase the makeup for your whole look. Then on the day of the wedding, you have all the supplies you need for any emergency touch ups. Also be prepare to pay for your makeup person on the day of the wedding too. Make sure you discuss that fee during the trail run so you know what to expect.

Beauty question: "Is foundation with SPF bad for taking pictures? What do you consider to be the best photo friendly foundation?"- from Jennifer in New York

Answer: Many foundations have SPF in them. The higher the SPF, the more reflective it will be due to the high content of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the ingredients used toblock the sun's damaging rays, but they also block light for photography as well causing you skin to appear white and ashy in your images.

A great foundation to use when you are going to get pictures taken is Bobbi Brown cosmetic Foundation Stick. It comes in a big tube, much like a lipstick, so it is easy to just draw away your imperfections while it's creamy texture makes blending a breeze. It's also great if you travel because it won't spill in your bag.

If you are still concerned about sun protection, put a sunblock on FIRST before your foundation. A great one to try is Cosmedicine Global Health™ Face UVA/UVB SPF 30 Sunscreen With Antioxidants . It gives you total sun protection without the heavy greasy filling you can get on your skin. Sold exclusively at Sephora.

Beauty question: "How do I stop my mascara and eyeliner from running? What color of eye shadow would make my big brown eyes look smaller or more beautiful?"- from anonymous in New York

Answer: If you are having problems with your mascara running, it is most likely due to improper eye makeup removal. Many people wash their faces but don't take the time to remove eye makeup with eye makeup remover unless they are using waterproof products. Since your lashes are hair, eye makeup remover can remove all traces of makeup that cling on lashes that regular skin products just can't do. Try using Avène Micellar Lotion . It cleanses, tones and removes your makeup all in one step.....without having to rinse your face so you don't even need a sink. Great for those who are always on the go!

Eyeliner problems are a different situation. Pencil liners usually have wax in them, so when you use them, the heat from your skin warms the pencil causing it to run down your face later on in the day. Here are a couple of application options that you can choose from:

Option 1. If you are a pencil lover, try only drawing your line half way. Then take a thin flat eyeliner brush and blend the pencil the rest of the way. This will create a thinner layer of liner without taking away from the look that you want to create. If you still have a problem with it running, put a thin line of matching powder eye shadowon top of the pencil line, to set it.

Option 2. Instead of using a pencil, take a flat eye liner brush and use powder eye shadow instead. For a "liquid eyeliner" effect, wet your brush before dipping into the powder eyeliner and apply as usual. When the liner dries, it will still appear wet like the liquid liners without any of the smearing. Try Japonesque brushes or Sonia Kushak brushes found at Target or Ulta stores.

Great colors to make brown eyes stand our are shades blue and purple. Here is a looks that is simple yet sophisticated. Dust the lids in a shade deep shade of purple, like Aubergine or greyish purple. Apply color from lash to slightly past crease. Then line the top lash line with a navy blue. Keep the line thin for a classice look, or slightly thicker for a more sultry look. The liner will enrich your eye color without appearing blue.

Those were great beauty questions and I love answering them for you so keep them coming! If you would like to get your beauty question answered click onto the link and let me know what it is and I will post your answer here too!


I usually talk about makeup and skin care but this time I would like to talk about hair products!...AGAIN! I had to work on a male model that I had to work on for a Speedway ad who had such thick short hair, it was hard to work with. The model gave me a great hair product to use called Glued Styling Spiking by Got 2 B. It was perfect! It was just like...well.... GLUE! No greasey sticky feeling that you get with some pomades. It made the "piecey" "semi spikey" look easy to create.

Check it out!

Friday, May 05, 2006

What's the saying?.... "April showers bring May flowers"?! Well April brought more for me than May flowers! It was my first month as Creative Director for Cosmetech magazine.

I have been a "contributing" creative/art director for many beauty and fashion stories in the past. I have creative director credits for Lucire magazine, Skin Inc magazine, Bride's Noir magazine, Belleza magazine and many others. This is the first time I will be an on going creative director.

What makes Cosmetech magazine so special to me is it's editorial devotion to makeup artists. So I couldn't resist joining their wonderful team.

Cosmetech originally started as a magazine for only permanent makeup artists, and has now grown to accommodate other types of beauty and fashion makeup artists as well.

My first article with Cosmetech started in this month's May/June issue. Instead of doing a general beauty story, I decided to talked about makeup on teens and preteens called "The Eyes Have It". The article goes into step by step detail of makeup techniques that can be used to make the eyes stand out, without over doing it.

In this shot I talked about using blue eye shadow ( Lisa Watier Poudre dip Yeux Eye Powder Dip in Bleu) to enhance the eyes while keeping the look young and fresh looking! If you are a makeup artist, or want to be one then this magazine is perfect for your reading library.

Speaking of "wanting to be a makeup artist", I teach the Makeup Artist Workshop. The class is 2 days of hands on makeup application and technic demonstrations. We do beauty, commercial, fashion and glamour style makeup on various models. Students get to have their work professionally photographed too.

Even though I am instructing the class, I also get a chance to create too. Here is a beauty shot that I did with one of the models in the class. I wanted to do something soft, simple and pretty to enhance the model's look without over powering her features, so this is the look that I came up with.

Even though I am known for creating looks for editorials and commercial campaigns with makeup and hair products I can do more than just create a pretty face! I've had an opportunity to prove that for the May cover of Skin Inc. magazine.

This cover has given me the opportunity to show off my other creative side of styling through objects. I still use color and placement, just like I do when creating looks with makeup and hair, to create an eye popping images.

I used a color combination of black, red and green. I was able to give the cover an Asian influence thru the use of a Bonsi which was provided by, and dishware topped with authentic Japanese tea provided by The theme was inspired by the new spa cuisine that is featured in this issue. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Well....back to makeup and your questions!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Eyebrows! What is the best way to achieve "natural looking" brows if you don't have much to work with? I've tried pencils, brow color/wax, combination of the 2 and still haven't achieved that "natural look". Help!!!!!!!!!!!!"-Pat in Florida

Answer: You can thicken your eyebrows by using Rogaine on them. In the meantime, a fuller more natural looking brow can be acheived if you use the right technique. Fill in brows by using short strokes, to immulate strands of hair instead of "drawing in" your whole brow. Then soften the line by using an angled brow brush to blend it. Make sure that you use short strokes in the same direction that your hair grows. Try using a shade that is slightly lighter than your hair color so the pencil doesn't over power your real brow. After you are satisfied with the pencil, fill in your whole brow with a colored brow gel to complete the look. My favorite brow pencil is Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil & Gel because it has both the pencil and brow gel all in one.

Beauty question: "I'm not a professional makeup artist, but I can't help but wonder--looking at my personal makeup collection--how old is too old? I throw away mascara after 3 months and replace it with new, I clean my brushes (only used on me), what about eye shadows, lipsticks, gloss, etc. Aren't they a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria?Your opinions....."-Pat in Florida

Answer: Powders last longer than liquids or creams. In most cases powder shadows, blushes and face powders are good for about 2 to 3 years depending on if the powder is loose or pressed. But if you ever see color separation or it smells funny then it needs to be thrown out.

For Creams and liquids the shelf life can be from 6 months to 1 year depending on how you use it. If you constantly dip your fingers into product and don't pay attention if you wash your hands before you use it, it can increase the "toss it out" factor.

Your eyes are very very delicate. So being especially careful on any products used around the eyes are important. Mascara needs to be tossed on a MAXIMUM of 3 months BUT if you get a cold, toss them out sooner. When you get sick your eyes get watery, carrying germs that your body is trying to expell. So lashes can harbor germs on them and you don't even know it. So dump your mascara so you won't risk the chance of getting an eye infection.

Beauty question: "One of my fave colours is stuck shut. I know that polish got in there...anyone have suggestions on how to open it? I fear that I might have to find am empty bottle and break this one open...which I am trying to avoid doing."- Denise from Illinois

Answer: I used to have this problem. Hold the bottle upside down, and then pour finger nail polish remover on the cap. Make sure you do it over a sink so it doesn't damage your floor or furniture. A cap ful should do the trick. Then let it set upside down for a while so the remover can loosen it. Then try to untwist it. If it only moves a little bit, pour more remover on it and repeat.

If you have the Twist-off nail polish (the kind you dip your finger into), it won't work. It is great for removing polish from your nails, but the remover is saturated in the sponge so it can't reach down into the lid to get to the hardened nail polish. So pouring it, and letting it set for a while is crucial.

Once you get it open, use the remover to clean off any additional polish on the lip of the bottle AND on the inside threads of the cap. Then spray some Pam or baby oil onto a swap and brush it on the threads of the polish to keep it from happening again.

Beauty question: "I love to wear my hair short, but I need some new ideas for new cuts. Do you have a website that I could check out and see new short cut styles?"- Pat in Florida

Answer: There is a great book called The Mane Thing by Kevin Mancuso. Kevin is a celebrity hair stylist. He has done the hair of top celebrities like Britney Spears, Jennifer Connelly, Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry and many more. His book is filled with great tips and tells you exact instructions to get tons of looks both long and short. He also has a web site by the name.....The Mane Thing at that is also filled with tips and hairstyling instructions. Check it out!


One of my favorite things are my CHI hair products and hair tools. I especially love how the Chi flat irons can smooth the most curly hair with ease. The flat irons even come in various sizes, so you can work on any hair length. The curling irons are amazing too. You can get the spring handles or the marcel version. The marcel version even has a versatile locking feature so you can have the handle move or stay stationary....what ever you prefer! They also carry a great hair line called BioSilk. It ads shine and softness to the hair. If you read my blog last month, all of the hair in the shot was by CHI and BioSilk. Love it!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Spring has sprung! I love this time of the year! Flowers are blooming and Spring color is popping up every where.

The Spring color beauty stories that I worked on have hit the magazines now. I have had a great time working on each one of them. Since I work on them 3 months in advance, it can get hard to keep my mouth shut though, especially when the people were so great to work with and the images turn out to be soooo beautiful.

For this month's issue of Skin Inc magazine, my 4 assistants (from the Makeup Workshop) and I worked with the lovely models from Elite agency. All of the models were beautiful with flawless skin, so it made it easy to created the looks that we needed.

To create the look in the first image that I posted, I used hair products by BioSilk from CHI. I also curled her hair with CHI tools. They are some of the best tools in the business. They heatup quickly, and won't cause the hair to slip and slide up and down the barrel. This makes it easier to create smooth even curls.

For the face, I preped the skin with a spritz of Franche Skin Mist and then rub in some drops of Olay 7 Signs Serum.

The makeup colors were all by Franche. Eyes are in Universal Co. on top lid with a combination of Emerald and Tropical Teal smudged under eye. The cheeks were dusted with Tourmaline. The lips were finishe in Rose' blush and Ice Crystal gloss.

Photographer Jeff White brought in an assistant to help him shoot all of the many scenes we had to do. For this shoot, not only did I get to do makeup and hair, but I also had the wonderful previledge to create the concept and direct the look and style of the shot as the creative director.

This year's color for Spring is not just delicate and feminine. It also has a lot of options to choose from. It has soft shades of baby blue, seafoam green, white and yellow, but they also had a rich side that is usually reserved for Fall. Rich deep shades of clay, burgandy, egg plant, navy and black were an added surprise. I really liked how versatile that makes it for consumers.....and makeup artists too. In these 2 shots the makeup was provided by Franche cosmetice and Grafton cosmetics.

I took my inspiration from the aray of colors and styles of the runway. Fashion stylist Isaac King brought in just the right outfits to pull the whole look together. Since the colors were so bountious, the perfect concept for the shoot would be a bouquete of flowers. provided the flowers and the yummy chocolate covered snacks for us to munch on between takes. I think I gained 5 pounds on this shoot, but it was all worth it!

Everone had a wonderful time. Music was blazing while the models posed and danced in front of the camera. At the end of a long shooting day, we were able to get the looks that the magazine needed. The editor liked the theme so much that it became the cover! Isn't the cover beautiful! I wonder if our cover model was really sleeping for this shot?.....hmmmm? Well only she will know that for sure!

To see the whole story and more images pick up a copy of the April issue of Skin Inc magazine at

This month wasn't just filled with magazine shoots. I also have a great time working with the Disney channel for their Suite Life of Zack and Cody's "Suite Life" Sweepstakes commercial. We went to Wooster Ohio to shoot the winner of the sweepstakes.

The winner received a complete game room filled with full size arcade games, a butler, maid, personal chef and a limousine to take them every where they wanted for a whole week. There are great perks for watching the Disney channel.

Not only did I do a commercial for the Disney channel...but I also worked with one of their teen celebrities actress Brenda Song! Brenda Song, is the teen Disney star from the sitcom "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody".

She plays the London Tipton, the rich daughter of the owner of the Tipton hotel. You can see more about the show on the Disney channel web site. Even though the character she plays is self centered and snobby, Brenda is warm, upbeat and very friendly.

We started our morning of makeup at 4 am. each day. Since she is just like me....a makeup junky and a fashion fanatic!....I couldn't meet her empty handed. So I had to do the only thing any fellow makeup junky would do.....greeted her and her mother with a big gold goody bag filled with skin care and makeup from Olay, Tarte, Black Radiance and Wet N Wild!

No one would want to see me that early in the morning, but Brenda looked STUNNING as usual! Even at the crack of dawn with a 2 hour jet lag, Brenda was all smiles while I went to work on her flawless skin.

I put her new products to good use by incorporating some of them in her look for the day. I used combinations of browns, golds, burgundy with touches of pink. We chatted away while her mother tried the new Olay lotions I brought them. Skin can get pretty dry when you have to keep flying from state to state for appearances, even for the mother of the star.

Time's up!....we had to head over to the ABC studio for Brenda's appearance.

On the second day I wanted to be able to spend a little more time pampering Brenda, so I brought in my assistant Jennifer Chorenziak to help out.

Instead of a typical work day, it was more like a girls day of beauty! We were giving out beauty tips left and right, while we finished getting Brenda ready. We had such a blast...even Brenda's mom joined in. Next thing we knew the doorbell rang and Meagan, and Jennifer from Disney came in to see how we were progressing but instead of leaving for the studio the party just got bigger!

We were all laughing and talking about fashion and beauty. Eventually the limo driver had to call up to the room and make us ALL go back to work. OH WELL....! So off we went to the NBC station so Brenda could talk about being the Health Embassador for the YMCA Healthy Kids Day.

After her tv appearance Brenda went to the new YMCA on 2700 S. Western Ave. (Chicago) to sign autographs and show the crowds how she "kicks butt" as a black belt martial artist. She also used her martial art skills in her upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, "Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior". We had sooo much fun working together. I can't wait to see her in her new movie. You can read more information about Brenda Song by going to the Disney Channel.

The other tv show that I worked on was for Chicago NBC5 News Today. This time I worked on ME! I had an appearance to talk about "Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag" featuring Olay skin care, Noxema, Cosmedicine and Sephora Tinted Moistuizer. If you didn't see it, you can catch a glimpse now by clicking onto the picture.

Now that I have talked about me, it is time to talk about you and your beauty questions.


Beauty question: "Hi, Candace! I recently got a digicam, and have started dabbling in taking makeup photos to create my own portfolio. I've noticed with the flash on, the pics have a beautiful turn out, but the makeup seems more toned down in the pics than in person. Is this normal? Should I just add more makeup? "- Jillian in New York

Answer: Light is a major factor in proper makeup application for professional pictures. Light can cause the makeup to look chalky on the skin and light can wash out the color that has been applied to the face. So if you are putting on your makeup to take a picture, when possible, try to see what the lighting is going to be and apply your makeup on in that type of lighting. Then your application can be more accurate.

Beauty question: "How can I tell if my skin is yellow toned or olive? Which brand would work for spot concealing on a (fair skinned) African American woman that covers WELL?"- Jillian in PA.

Answer: Getting your undertones correct is one of the biggest factors in picking proper foundation. No matter what shade you have, if the undertone isn't correct your skin won't look natural. Warm undertones are yellow and orange, while cool undertones are blue and pink. Those that have olive tones can have cool or warm undertones but their skin tends to have a green cast to it.

A great cosmetic brand to try is by Supermodel Iman called...of course...Iman cosmetics. I love her products, but the Iman Cream To Powder foundation is one of my favorite products! Since Iman cosmetics is specifically designed for a variety of women of color, you should be able to find the shade that you need whether yellow or olive toned.

The coverage is seamless without feeling greasy or masky.

Not only does Iman have a great makeup line, but she has a great book as well called The Beauty Of Color. It is a great read....for every shade of woman!

(image of Iman was during Iman's book tour to Chicago-phtg by )

Beauty question: "I've noticed a lot of fashion-forward women (celebs like Kimora and Mariah) wearing blush heavily on the apples of their cheeks. Is this a new look?"- from reader in Philadelphia

Answer: No it's not new. Young kids have been walking around with that great "flushed" look naturally, which is one reason why the look is so popular. It gives the face a fresh youthful look to it without having to use a lot of color all over the face. A great blush to try is Stila's Convertible Color on the apples. It's creamy texture goes on streak-free and it gives the cheeks just the right amount of POP! to look healthy.

Beauty question: "I notice models often have perfect bikini lines. What do they do? Wax? Laser?"- from reader in Philadelphia

Answer: Some models wax and some get hair removed by laser. Unlike shaving, getting hair removed by waxing or by laser can be a little uncomforable, but it's not unbearable. The temporary discomfort may be worth not having to worry about unwanted hair for 3 or more weeks. It might also be the only solution to those who get razor bumps from shaving. No matter which process you decide to use please have a consultation before the procedure to get any additional questions answered.

MY FAVORITE THINGS One of my favorite makeup finds are the Tarte kits. Not only are the colors beautiful, but the cases look so sexy that you want to carry them just to show it off. Some of the sets have rhinestone buckles while others have corset style laced up packaging. When I got them, all I could do is talk about how cute they were! Despite how pretty it was on the outside, the most important thing is the inside.....the makeup! Did the inside let me down?....NO! The colors are highly pigmented and glide on with a smooth even application. I have each set! LOVE EM'!!

See you next month and keep your beauty questions pouring in!