Monday, December 10, 2007

Now that it's December and 2007 is fading away fast, have you decided what you plan to do next year? Everyone seems to have New Year resolutions and goals. Most of the goals include taking better care of themselves.

Well my goal for 2008 is to take better care of myself and eat right, but to also help others reach their beauty potential. So to be able to reach my goal I've agreed to be the beauty spreaker at the America's Beauty Exo (formally called the Midwest Beauty Show).

If you've never been to the expo, you are in for a total treat. Just click onto the picture. You know the saying "kid in a candy store"....well...that is what it's like if you love beauty. There is everything for everyone who loves hair care, skin care and makeup. So now you you see why this was the perfect place for me to keep my goal!

I'll be speaking on March 3 2008, so pick up a program so you can stop by to get more beauty and makeup tips from me. Oh!.....if you come to the Expo make sure you stop by to say hello...I might have a few goodies to give you!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Since the weather is getting colder it seems I'm getting dry areas on my face mostly around my nose Do you have any tips to keep it moisturized?"- from Lindsey in Ohio.

Answer: When the weather gets cold it is easy to want to make bath water as hot "as you can stand it" to melt the chill away, but that can be very dehydrating. So instead of making water too hot, keep the temperature to a comfortably warm setting, and use a hydrating bath cleanser like Molton Brown Bath & Shower Inspiring Wild Indigo from Bath & Body Works.

It not only cleans and gently moisturizes your skin but it also helps produce endorphins to boost your mood. Next to a tall cup of java, that is the perfect pick-me-up to start your morning!

Beauty question: "what makeup brushes are the best? And would you say all of them are from the same brand or do you mix brands and take the best brushes from each brand?" from Sarah in Canada.

Answer: There are a lot of great brands of brushes that are available now. From expensive to very inexpensive, there is a brush that can suit all budgets and still be of great quality.

When you are choosing brushes think about what you will be using it for. Some like to buy brushes in a kits, but I prefer to hand pick each brush so I have the type of brush that I need instead of tons of brushes that I won't use.

For example, if you like to use eye makeup but don't like to contour or use powder blush then it might be better for you to take your time to hand pick several eyeshadow brushes instead of having a big variety of powder, foundation and blush brushes.

Be aware of the type of hair that you have in the brushes. Different brush hair will effect how your makeup glides across the skin or how it blends. Close your eyes and rub the brush on the back of your hand to see if it feels soft or scratchy. If it doesn't feel soft on your hand it will be worst on your face.

There are many types of hairs that are used in brushes. Synthetic bristles are usually used on foundation brushes so it doesn't absorb cream or liquid foundation into the hair but instead goes smoothly in sheer coats onto skin. So skin can look natural instead of like a heavy mask.

For blush and face powder sable hair is better to use than synthetic bristles because it won't scratch skin through on-going use and it keeps product from "grabbing" in areas of the skin.

For eye shadow and other brushes you have a variety of hairs that are used, Taklon, boar, Badger, raccoon, and even sponges but one of my favorite type is squirrel hair because it is so soft. It blends seamlessly without irritating the sensitive skin on the eye area. Japonesque has a range of brushes and hair type to choose from. You can buy them in a set or individually.

Beauty question: "I am a makeup artist and I have worked for Mac, Chanel, and began to do some TV and print work. I would like to know, if you ever hire assistants that can learn and grow with you. Your work is really amazing and I was curious if there would ever be any kind of opportunity like this."- from Derya in NY/NJ.

Answer: Your question isn't really a beauty question but I'll be happy to answer it for you anyway. Yes! I do have an intern/assisting program. My intern/assisting program is only available for my Makeup Artist Workshop students. It is designed to help my students grow in skill confidence and build thier resume.

They have assisted me with fashion show, cover shoots, tv shows, films and ad campaigns. When I'm not available to do a project, they are the ones that I refer my work to.

Many of my students have branched up to work full time in the industry. Some of their accomplishments include:

~makeup for QVC
~makeup & hair for singer Kelis
~key makeup artist for singer Ledisi "Alright" music video
~working on the Beanie Sigel/R. Kelly "All Of The Above" music video
~key makeup/hair artist for the Cry of the Afflicted CD
~and one is already scheduled to work at the 2008 Stella Awards

If you are intersted in attending the 2008 Makeup Artist Workshop, this is the perfect time because the class has been extended from a 2 day to a 3 day class. Sale prices expire December 26 2008.

Send me more questions and I promise to keep giving you more answers!


I had a photo shoot to do and tried a new product called Absolute Facial Toner by Von Natur...and really loved it!
Their products are natural, organic and Vegan certified. When you use the toner it not only smells really good, but it also gives your skin this great tingle. So you skin is refreshed!
It has Rose and Glycerin for hydration, and Aloe to sooth skin while it refines pores.
Well.....I'm gonna search for more great things to try and I'll see you next month! See ya in 2008!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Movies, movies movies! I love watching movies, but this is my first time being a department head for a feature film. I just finished working on a film with Law & Order actress Carolyn McCormick. The days were cold sometimes but it was great working with the cast and crew.

I especially enjoyed working with Carolyn! Being only 5'2", of course the first thing that I would notice was how her 5'10" height towered over me, but what really caught my attention was how slim she was. "Isn't she a mom too...just like me?" I thought, "OMG! She looks great!" and that was no exageration.
What I didn't know is that she wasn't just skin and bones like some people, she was actually very fit and energtic. She would get a million things done all while working on the film. From handling business for her upcoming tv shows, to working on thank you cards and even talking to her family. Everything! I was happy to just bathe in the morning but this woman could do it all including her exercise workouts.

Between scenes she would go to the makeup area, pop in a workout tape and do step exercises! The music for the workout was so addicting and she made it look so easy and fun that I would find myself exercising along side her. I usually don't like the Fall/Winter seasons because I gain weight but this year I think I already lost a pound or two! Carolyn is getting a big thank you basket from me!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Hi I am hmong like Brenda Song but I am full hmong. I was wondering how can I get my skin clear like Brenda Song because I love her skin color it is beautiful. I got a lot of pimple and I have tried Neutrogena and clean and clear but it doesn't seem to work on my face. Also I want to know what kind of makeup would match my face because I got light tan color. Thanks!!"- from Tina in Wisconsin.

Like many other celebrities, Brenda used ProActive skin care. Even before we did makeup she applied the lotion to her skin. She also loves makeup, so she likes to try and use different kinds of products. She is especially fond of eyeshadow so I had the opportunity to make her eyes look dramatic instead of plain like she wears it on the Disney series "Suite Life of Zack and Cody".

To ensure that you are using the right foundation shade, stop by a Shisedo makeup counter and have them do a color swatch. Their formulas and tones will be perfect for your complexion.

Beauty question: "I'm 76 yrs. old. What can I use to diminish deep wrinkles that works?" from Joyce in Illinois.
Answer: You can use a Microdermabrasion kit, like the Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System, to smooth skin. It was even awarded the Women's Day Beauty Award. It has 2 steps to it, to polish wrinkles away. Your skin will show signs of improvement upon the first usage but will increase with ongoing use.

Keep in mind that over the counter products can't be too strong because the consumer could hurt themselves if used it incorrectly. So if you need a stronger version, you will have to talk to your dermatologist about getting a professional microdermabrasion. Their chemicals will remove the first layer of skin and encourage collagen renewal. You will have renewed skin, but you will have to heal from the process, so don't do it before a special occassion. Wait until you can have time to rest after the procedure.

Beauty question: "Candace, I have been looking for mascara that doesn't contain any harmful chemicals like parabens. What brands should I look for? Thank you."- from Patricia in Illinois.

Answer: Parabens are a group of chemicals used as preservatives in cosmetics. Jane Iredale Purlash Mascara has a great rating according to the cosmetic database.

Jane Iredale products are mineral based with great pigmentation so all skin tones can find a shade that will suit their skin tones without the problems of a lot of harsh parabens to worry about.

Next month will be more beauty answers so keep sending me those questions!


I have stopped putting relaxers in my hair because I wanted to finally embrace my naturally kinky curly hair....and because I'm lazy when it comes to taking care of myself!...and my sister found a great hair product called Kinky Curly! Can you believe the irony of that name?!

Well I really love both the custard and Knot today products. For someone that works a lot, travels, has 3 kids to take care of (4 when I count my husband) and trying to look good all at the same time, this product was a life saver!

So everyone out there with kinky curly hair REJOICE! You don't have to be frizzy, you can look good too!
See you next month! ....oh! I need more beauty questions so contact me!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's finally October! This is the first time my work has been in 4 magazines all in one month! It is in Rolling Stones, Oprah magazine, Brides Noir and Beauty News this month! Wonderful! Looking back on each shoot for those magazine, I can think of great memories but one of my favorites was the shoot with Vanessa Simmons!

The shoot took place in New York, the fashion district, at Rodney Young's studio. Rodney shares a studio with photographer Francis Hill so of course the studio was awesome! I walked in and saw her being fitted for the gowns and stopped dead in my tracks. When I first saw Vanessa, it was on the tv show "Run's House". She looked so young and girly on the show, and the person that stood before me that day looked so elegant and sophisticated!

Since this month's issue was the grooms issue, the spread was called "Alter Ego" to focus on men's inspired outfits and girly gowns. Since we were doing to styles of clothing, I decided to do 2 styles of makeup and hair.
Since Vanessa's skin was so smooth and clear I only had to use a touch of airbrush makeup from Kett to add glow to her skin. The first look was clean and sweet, using Aveda products, for the girly looks. The look reminds me of her sweet personality. Even though she is a very successful entrepanuer, with a shoe line, and 2 jewelry lines she is still down to earth and humble, saying "all of this is a blessing and I want to always be humble about that!"

Since I showed one side of her personality I had to make the second look different. I wanted everyone to see that Vanessa isn't a little girl that everyone thought they knew but a strong sexy sophisticated woman that can take charge so I did smokey eyes and a clean lip!

Now that I'm looking on newstands at the cover I'm glad the Alter Ego spread could show off the many talented personalities that make up Vanessa Simmons!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "What is the best foundation you use on your clients? I love how it looks so flawless, yet natural! Also, what product do you recommend for a nice glow? I wear C6 in Mac's makeup (and actually that's a little too dark for me, yet unfortunately the closet match). So what would you recommend to give me a nice glow. (And I dont mean a bronzer, I mean a bright glow.) And one last question for you Candace, I love how makeup artists use a technique to make the nose look smaller and more defined. I've tried that trick myself but when I do it, it is too noticeable. I use Mac's Refined Golden Bronzer to define my nose and I think it's too reddish and that's why it stands out. Can you recommend a better bronzer for a C6 skintone? And when you define your nose you just use a small brush to go straight down the sides right? Am I doing it ri!ght?"- from Tisha in Illinois.

Answer: A great foundation to try is by Cinema Secrets. It is creamy so it doesn't look dry and cakey on the skin. It also has high pigmentation so you don't need a lot.

If you are looking to put a shimmer on your skin try Kevyn Aucoin's Liquid Shimmer. Pat it on the upper cheekbone area and in the inner corners of eyes and upper bow of lip to add more "POP" to the look.

If you are trying to contour your face and a bronzer is too red, try using a face powder that is 2 shades darker then your skin. If you prefer a bronzer, go with a golden instead of a red based one. Wet N Wild has a golden based bronzer with little to no shimmer in it so it will look more natural. Use a eyeshadow blender brush to apply it so you don't get harsh lines.

Beauty question: "I am only 17 but I feel like my skin isn't as vibrant as a lot of girls my age. I don't know if I should sleep more or drink more water or if I'm missing a vitamin in the foods I eat, but I want healthier skin! Any ideas?" from Haley in California.

Answer: All skin needs good exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells that can give you a dull look. Try Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula. It is even one of Allure magazine's favorite products too.

It is gentle enough to use daily to get rid of dull skin cells to make your skin more vibrant. Dehydrated skin also looks dull so always finish with a moisturizer every day. If you have a oily skin you have plenty of oil in your skin so opt for a water based moisturizer instead of a regular one.

Beauty question: "I dont know if you can help me with this i am a latina i use mac studio fix nc40. I am getting highlight in my hair dont know if to get a hair something with more ash color in it or more orange tone in it. I dont want my face to look darker than it it is. I found out that my skin tone is warm and i might say be more of a light olive or so."- from Miss Guzman in California .

Answer: It is hard to give you hair color suggestions without seeing you but if you have any red in your skin, go with only gold in your hair. Any additional red in your hair will make you skin appear even redder. If you have golden undertones but a touch of green to your skin, and some Latinas do, then go with a more coppery hair color to add more warmth to your skin.

If you are still not sure go to a wig shop and try on wigs with both hair colors and you will be able to see what you look like before you invest in the real thing!

Next month will be more beauty answers but only if YOU keep sending me those questions!


I am really loving the Skindinavia products! I spoke about the Makeup Finishing Spray on a tv segment and have been using it ever since. I love how light it feels on the skin, yet has a heavy impact on keeping your makeup in place and your skin looking flawless! It is definitely a MUST HAVE!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

This month I think I'll do something a little different. I have talked about my photo shoots on tv show, for fashion shows and for magazine shoots. This time I'm going to just devote this month to beauty tips starting with this video clip.
Just click onto the picture to view it. It's tips galore this month!!! Ha ha!!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I cringe everytime I hear "you may kiss the bride" and her lipstick is off of her and on the groom! What lip products do you suggest for the bride? I've tried some "transfer resistant" products, but they seem cakey and flakey."- from Stacey in Indiana.

Answer: On the video segment I mention the Longevita lip colors by Borghese. I love how smooth they go on the lip and how vibrant the colors are.

Another option is to top your favorite lip colors with makeup fixers to set color in place. Makeup Forever Lipstick Fixer is wonderful to try. Make sure the fixer dries completely before you apply a second coat.

It makes lip color water resistant so it's also great in tropical weather......even if a bride gets married under water!

Beauty question: "What kind of make up would you recommend for someone with olive sink tone? I want to look like I am not even wearing make up." from Becky in Illinois.

Answer: There are a lot of makeup lines that have great foundations for olive skin tones. One makeup artist favorite is by Face Atelier. It is also a favorite of celebrity makeup artist Billy B.

They have a variety of founcation formulas to choose from but my favorite is the Face Atelier Ultra Foundation. Their foundations can suit the palest to the darkest skin tone and still look natural. The high pigmentation keeps the color consistant through out the day.

Beauty question: "My daughter is getting married and I want to do something special with my eyes as they are my best feature. Should a middle age woman with just a few age lines wear a matte shadow instead of the new shimmer shades?"- from Nora in Illinois.

Answer: You can wear shimmer if you keep everything else matte. I suggest putting shimmer on your lid. The area that is between the lash line and the crease. That area is usually the smoothest part of the eye so it has fewer wrinkles then another areas. For the crease and brow bone use mattes.

Another thing you can do to accentuate your eyes is apply a thin line to the top eye with a charcoal grey or black close to your lashes as possible. You might like the Define-a-Line by Maybelline because it glides without pulling skin and it is retractable so you don't have to sharpen it.

For the bottome lash line use a medium tone brown eye shadow to line eye as close to the lashes as possible. Smudge bottom line with your finger to keep it soft.

Using different colors will give you the definition that you want to make your eyes "pop!" but using a darker color on top with bring more attention to the upper lashes and make any wrinkles in the corners or lower eyes less noticable. Just make sure that the brown shadow that you choose is not very dark or you will look the effect that your trying to achieve.

Great questions!!!! I look forward to hearing make sure you email me so I can keep your informed about great beauty tips!


My favorite this month has been the LaMer Body Serum. I love how it hydrates your skin. It feels like silk going on, but it is supposed to also help with discoloration of the skin too. So your skin feels and looks great. It is also good for the decolletage (the bust) area too....and there aren't that many products that help with that area now is it?! Love it!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Isn't this year going by so quickly. I can't believe it is already August! It just seemed like it was yesterday when I was in Vegas at the beginning of the year doing makeup for the reality show "Best of the Best III". Now it is already August and the first episode is on the air on MAV tv.

My makeup crew and I spent almost 2 weeks doing makeup and hair for this exciting modeling reality show. Even though the beautiful models made it easy to do great makeup, the weather didn't always do the same. Sometimes there were hard conditions to work in, like 60 mile an hour winds at the airport, and 100 degree temperatures in the middle of the dessert but we got through it.

When it all ended we had a great time bonding with the models and joking with the photographers to get great pictures. I can't wait to do it again next year!

OH!....what did you say?.....You wanna see what happened? Ok! Click onto the picture and you can see a video! Enjoy!!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "What do I have to do to get into the world of professional makeup artistry and, do I need to get skin license?"- from Shelley in Florida.

Answer: Your question isn't really a beauty question, but instead a business question. There are many ways to get into the world of makeup artistry. There are schools and even workshops that you can attend. I teach a 2 day workshop for makeup artists too. You can see more information by clicking onto the image.

In the state of Florida you do need a cosmetology license to be a makeup artist. In other states it differs because each state has their own laws, but most other states do not require a cosmetology license if you are a makeup artist for magazines, commercials and TV. If you are a makeup artist in a salon, no matter what state you are in, you are required to have a cosmetology license.

Beauty question: "I really love colors. I love to have fun with makeup. What product do you use and the brushes. Currently I am a MAC fanatic. Should I become more versatile?" from Wendy in Illinois.

Answer: As a makeup artist, I use many brands and like to try all types of products. Many makeup companies have a lot of products, including MAC, but trying products from other brands can give you an opportunity to find products that you didn't even know existed and sometimes save you more money.

Some of my favorites are Wet n Wild Bronzers because they don't have a lot of shimmer in it and they match real skin shades when they are tan. I use them on men and women.

Some of my favorite lip liners are by Lacome. I use the Le Lipstique pencils in Bronzelle, Sheer Chocolate and Fraichelle pencils. I can use one or a combinations of two of their pencils on all skin tones to create a natural lip color. They feel creamy and are also waterproof so they last a long time under most conditions. I use them as a lip color by lining and coloring the lips in, then top it with a lip gloss.

Beauty question: "My eyebrows are very light and sparce, what can I do to makethem look more darker and natural"- from Ramona in Illinois .

Answer: Try Revlon's Brow Fantasy gel and pencil set. It's great to fill in your brows and give it the color that it needs.

Great questions! I'm running low on beauty questions to answer so send me more and I'll have more solutions for you next month!


I love the Bath & Body Works peppermint flavored Mentha Lip Tints lip glosses. They make your lips tingle, and make your breath smells good too. I got addicted to this gloss while stopping at the Bath & Body Works in the airport. a store clerk suggested that I try the tester to see if I liked it and the next thing I know I was grabbing glosses for my sisters, mother and daughter. Now I have one if my car and one in my makeup kit so everyone can feel good and spell good.....oh! tastes good too!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I love July because it's warm enough to swim, hike and do a lot of things in the 'great outdoors'. I know you can do things in the winter too, but the sunny weather of the summer seems to put everyone in a great mood. Clothes become smaller so people watching is even more fun. Who better to look at than the People magazine's bachelors that are earth friendly?!

I had the chance to work with one of them, Aaron Rourke for the July 2nd issue of People. This 44 year old bachelor loved sports and also competed in triathlons, so we went to the forest to shoot his spread.

You can tell that he was a true lover of mother nature when he handed me some trail mix to snack on. "This will give you some energy to keep you going thru the shoot" he said as he handed me the bag of munchies. By the end of the day I still had my energy plus great tips on eating and exercise. This shoot was one of my favorite ones yet!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Hello candace, I just wanted to ask you how do i apply false eyelashes and do i put them on before applying eyeshadow or after?"- from Symonea in England.

Answer: There are 2 kinds of false lashes, individuals and the strip. You can apply false lashes before you put on your eye shadow, but I prefer to put it on afterward so there is less shadow "fall out" onto your false lashes.

To apply the strip, you need to first make sure that the strip isn't longer than your eye, so place it at the lash line. If they are too long, trim them to the length that you need. Then run a bead of waterproof eyelash glue on the edge of the lash strip. Make sure you wait a little bit so the glue can become tacky or it won't stay in place. Then apply the strip as close to your lashes as possible. Make sure the glue has totally dried before you close your eyes tightly. Now they are in place even through crying. I like to use Ardel lashes and glue because they have a variety to choose from.

Beauty question: "I am an African American woman with chocolate brown skin. Is there a sunblock that won't make my face look ashy or orange?" from Shareka in California.

Answer: If you have problems with keeping your sunblock from making you look ghostly, try using makeup products with the SPF already added like Jane Iredale mineral makeup. Their loose powder called Amazing Base Loose Minerals has an SPF 20. That yave deep shades like Terra so you will get no ashy or orange color with that!... On days that you don't want to use makeup, try using a moisturizers with the SPF included.

Beauty question: "I've noticed that Asian eyes sometimes look better with color and mascara only on top, whereas others pop a lot more when definition is applied to both the top and the bottom. I suppose a lot depends onthe size and shape of the eyes, as well as how deeply they are set and the length of the lashes (though false lashes can help that.) I was wondering if you had any insight into how best to define different kinds of East Asian eyes?"- from Esther in California.

Answer: Just like all eyes Asian eyes have their own unique beauty, so instead of trying to make them look like traditional almond shaped eyes embrace their beautiful shape. You can line the top and bottom eye to give a dramatic effect or your can just focus on the top part of the eye to create a more natural look. What ever look you decide to use false lashes can always add the right amount of "glam" to the look. THI has false lashes that were especially designed for Asian eyes. The lashes conform better to the distinctive shape that Asian eyes have.

Ok...that's it for the questions but keep on asking and I'll keep answering!


This month my favorite thing is for the hair! I came across this great hair product that is for your scalp. I helps detox to encourage healthier hair from the scalp up. It is made up of a mixture of natural oils like lavendar, almond, and rosemary. With all of the products that we put on our hair, it is time to really work on the source....our skin!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's June and weddings are popping up left and right so this is the perfect time to show you the Brides Noir fashion show. I love doing fashion shows because of the ongoing excitement and of course the clothes!

We started early mid-morning because the show was in the early evening. Models were everywhere! I designed an understated smokey eyes for the show that looked sexy without overpowering for a wedding. We used a deep mocha eyeshadow with a touch of black to enhance the eyes while complimenting the skin.

By the time the show started everyone was sultry and sophisticated....want to see what happened? is a front seat!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I get dry patches on my skin. I use a toner, exfoliator and moisturizer. I also use a mask about once a week. I've tried different moisturizers, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions for these 'patches'? "- from Jen in Wisconsin .

Answer: If the exfoliators and toners are not helping, then you might be doing too much to try to scrub your dry skin away. Instead use a hydration masks and change your moisturizer to a formula for extra dry skin. Try Cosmedicine Hydra Healer Maximum Strength Moisture Cream for more hydration. It has vitamin E to heal skin and vitamin C to boost skin's resistance.

Before investing more money into new products, ask for samples or get trail sizes of the products you want to try first. When you find the right one, then you can purchase the full size.

If that still doesn't seem to help, then it might be more than just "dry patches". You might have a mild case of eczema. Go to a dermatologist and let them get your skin the help that it needs.

Beauty question: "I am an Afro-Carribean with slightly oily skin/blemishes and hyperpigmentation. I am in the market for a good moisturizer, sunscreen (can be worn under make-up) for my face and body now that summer is here. There are alot of products in the market today, but some people believe that people of color do not need alot of the ingredients in these products and that often times they just clog our pores. What's your take on this?" from Tanya in Connecticut .

Answer: No matter what your complexion may be the sun can still do damage to it. It can even increase the look of your hyperpigmentation, so protect yourself.

If you have a very busy schedule like me then using products that multi-task, like a moisturizer, with a SPF 15 sunscreen and the ability to make your skin tone look even also, is a must, so suggest the Olay Definity Deep Penetrating Foaming UV Moisturizer.

I must admit....when I first used it I got it all over myself because the foam was so light and fluffy, but when I got the hang of it, it was great and you will like it too. It is so light weight you won't believe it! It feels like you are putting water on your skin. Oh.....did I mention that it also has anti-aging ingredients in it too?! For faster results to even out your skin tone use the cleanser too.

Beauty question: "How do you keep makeup from rubbing off onto your clothes for very oily skin?"- from Josephine in Illinois.

Answer: When the weather gets warmer, oily skin kicks into high gear so help keep your makeup ON your face by updating your skin care and makep products each season.

If you used cream foundation in the winter, then use liquid foundation in the spring and summer after your prep your skin with a makeup primer.

If your skin tone is fairly even, try using only concealer (in your skin shade instead of lighter than your skin tone) in the areas that you need correcting and skip foundation all together until Fall comes back around.

For color use powders and liquid stains for longer lasting results. Finish your look with a final seal, like Makeup For Ever Mist & Fix to prolong your makeup even under harsh conditions.

Did you have a beauty question?...then speak up! The more you ask me the more I can answer for you! Click here to ask your beauty question.


My favorite is product this month is Sugar lip gloss. If you want to visit their web site click onto the image.
I really love this lip gloss not for the usualy reasons, the way it goes on and looks but mostly because men love how it smells and tastes! When I have an opportunity to do makeup on a bride I use it all the time. The bride loves it because she looks good but the groom loves it because she tastes good too! I guess that is why it's called....well....Sugar!
Ok I'm outta here! See ya next month!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Brides Noir magazine wanted to show off some of their favorite brides maids and prom dresses for the Spring/Summer 2007 issue, so the perfect person for the "To Love & To Cherish" fashion spread was actually 3 persons.....three of members from the singing group Cherish from Capital records.

We started the morning at about 10 am. as Fallon, Neosha, and Felisha came strolling in the building looking cool in their large sunglasses, t-shirts and jeans....all designer of course! We listened to music from Aaliyah, Janet Jackson and Usher while I did their makeup and hair.

I asked the usual nosey questions like "did you always want to sing ever since you were little?" and "how is the sweet one, who is the bosey one, and who is the mother hen of the group" know!....stuff that you would ask too! We had so much fun laughing and talking that the editor-in-chief had to scold me for doing more socializing then styling so I had to get my butt in gear to hurry up and finish. LOL!!

After a light spray of airbrush makeup on their skin (BTW....their skin is GORGEOUS so I didn't need much of anything!), I used La Prairie cosmetics to give their eyes polish with a cream based eye shadow and finished the look with pinkish blush and lip gloss to keep the skin fresh and soft. They wore gowns in color ranges of chocolate, green, off black and orange. I would tell you more, but I want to give you something to look forward to when you look in the issue too.

Well.....I guess I can tell you a little more.....not about Cherish but about the beauty spread in the same issue. The "Total Package" beauty spread will show you the perfect way to incorporate the trendy Spring colors into classic looks for your wedding! Ok...ok...that's enough! I've told you too much already. You can get your own copy to see for yourself. LOL!!!!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "And how do you get rid of the small black heads that appear on your face?, because Biore strips do not work"- from Tierra in Illinois .

Answer: Try giving yourself a full facial. Start by cleaning off all traces of makeup. Since makeup formulas can be rather complex and some facial cleansers are only designed to correct skin problems, use a makeup remover. Then cleanse your skin with a facial wash that is suitable for your skin type.
Next steam face for about 5 minutes to loosen additional dirt and oil in your pores, by holding face over a facial steamer or a large bowl full of steaming water. Immediately afterward use a facial scrub, making sure to rub it in small circular motions, to gently unblock pores. Follow scrub with a face mask to absorb additional dirt and oil that are set more deep within pores. Lancome Pure Focus Exfoliator with micro beads that won't scratch skin, and Pure Focus Mask is self heating with salicylic acid to unclog pores.

Finish the facial by rinsing skin with warm water, using a toner and water-based moisturizer to hydrate. Over time regular facials will remove built up blackheads and keep them from reoccuring.

Beauty question: "I have big bright eyes,how can I apply eyeliner without them looking extremely big." from Geline in New Jersey .

Answer: Big bight eyes are stunning, and lining them can enhance them even more. Start with a wash of color from your lashes to your crease. Try a powder eyeshadow in a shade of brown that is 2 times darker than your complexion. Then use a wet makeup brush (preferably thin and flat) and mix up the same color to create an eyeliner. Then line upper lid close to the lashes. While the shadow is still damp, use your finger to smudge the liner. This will create what I like to call a "sunset" effect. Where it is darker close to the lashes and fades to a lighter shade up the eye. You get the definition that you want without making it "too much" for your liking! Jane iredale cosmetics has a great Daytime Eye shadow kit that you would love! Sexy!

Beauty question: "Is eyeshadow primer always suposed to be used with eyeshadow or is it ok to go without "- from Derek in Chicago.

Answer: Eyeshadow primer is designed to help keep eyeshadows from creasing and sometimes to help even out skin tone so the color of the eye shadow shows up better on the skin. You can use foundation as a primer or you can use products that a specifically designed to be primers. One of my favorite primers is Elizabeth Arden Eye-Fix Primer. It is clear so it is great for all skin tones.

Thanks for your beauty questions! .....wanna get more answers? then ask me more questions so I can keep you informed!


I'm really enjoying Face Atelier's Face Finish! It prevents makeup from fading though out the day and also hydrates the skin. This alcohol free pick-me-up is also a great boost for your skin when you need moisture while in the office because you can use it right over your makeup!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I LOVE my job.....even in the freezing cold snow! I got to work with VJ host Steven Smith from "Steven's Untitled Rock Show" of Fuse TV a couple of months ago with my assistant Keli Hearon. We had to go all the way to Cleveland to prepare Steven for his "Destination Untitled" show, but it was worth it.

We started the day early in the morning. I'm not sure if I was even totally awake.....but I faked it well. After I did Steven's makeup and hair he was set to brave the storm! Even with a little sleep in my eyes, I think I did a pretty good job! Ha ha!...happy dance!!

After admiring my handy work Steven threw on his goggles and braved the blizard like conditions like a man! a man in VW with heated seats that is!

Wanna see some behind the scenes video footage?!....of course you do. Ok....come on! Just click onto the images to see me making him look sexy for his "Good Morning Cleveland" track in the snow. Then see him "Behind The Wheel" as he drives off to his first tv interview of the day!

That was fun shoot but I'm glad it's warm now! LOL!!!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Hi I'm a dark brown black woman in need of makeup advise. I'll be getting married this June, but I'm also in a wedding party this upcomingMay. Can you help me figure out what do with eye and lip color? My skin is combination so I suppose I need powder as well. I've always thought that my lips were too big to pull off reds and pinks so I basically live in brown glosses. (which I love) But I'm open to new suggestions please."- from Starlet in Conneticut.

Answer: People pay to have full lips, so embrace them!.... but not everyone loves what they have. So if you still feel that your lips are too big, then switch your glosses, which will make lips appear fuller, to more matte lip colors.

Even though you love browns, the new colors of the season are pink, lavendar, bronzes and champagne. If you aren't a woman of change but want to finally venture out of your comfort zone try using a pinkish brown to give yourself a new look without going too far from what you are used to.

To also tone down lips, put more focus on your eyes. Try using the new Bridal Face Palette by Bobbi Brown. Dust eye lids in soft shade of pink and give eyes contrast by adding brown to crease and outer corners of eyes. Add sparkle to the inner corners of eye with a shimmerry shade of lavendar. Finish the look with a bit of rosey blush and a few false lashes.

Beauty question: "Is Vaseline and cocoa butter good for a skin moisturizer? " from Tierra in Illinois .

Answer: Cocoa butter is a good but I prefer Shea butter as a moisturizers instead of Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline).

Shea Butter is from the nuts of the Karite Nut trees in Africa. It's properties help improve cell regeneration and capillary circulation. It not only moisturizes skin but they also contains vitamins to help promote healing.

It has natural anti-inflammatory agents and a minor sunscreen agent so it aids from the UV rays and is good for skin problems like sunburns, some rashes, small skin wounds, and eczema. The natural anti-elastase characteristics make it great for improving the signs of stretch marks.

Even though Petroleum jelly prevents the skin's moisture from evaporating, unlike Shea butter, it doesn't absorb into the skin so it shouldn't be used on open wounds. It's also bad for sunburns because it traps heat within the skin, worsening the burn.

Cocoa butter is also from a plant, the cacao bean. It has natural antioxidants and enhances the skintone by aiding in the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

So if you want a good moisturizer, with added benefits then use beauty products containing cocoa butter and shea butter to keep skin soft and skin tone even. A good lotion to try is Palmer's Cocoa butter moisturizer with Shea Butter.

Beauty question: "Since you see so many types of skin in your line of work, what type of skin care products (or line) do you recommend for reducing the look of large pores?"- from Andrea in Florida.

Answer: Most people with large pores have oily skin. If you have large pores you can make them appear smaller by the products that you use. There are many great skin care lines on the market to use. Some of my personal favorites are Lancome, Olay, LaMer, Clarins, RepĂȘchage and ProActive.

Pores are more noticable when oil glands are excessively active. By keeping skin clean, and properly hydrated.....yes...oily skin needs water can make pores appear smaller. When skin doesn't have the proper hydration it needs, it thinks it is drying out causing your body to protect itself by producing more oil. Using an oil-free moisturizer will give the skin the water balance it needs, helping to reduce the skin's need to produce additional oil.

Whiteheads and blackheads can also cause larger pores. Doing regular face masks and facial scrubs will also help keep pores free from blockage that lead to whiteheads and blackheads.

When applying makeup stay clear of foundations that have a "dewey" finish, which can appear to look "greasey" on skin with larger pores. Instead use foundations with a matte or velvette finish. Silicone based foundations, like Temptu S/B Makeup, are great because they have oil-absorbing factors.

For touch ups through out the day, opt for using blotting powders instead of tons and tons of powder. Too much powder can look cakey and by the end of the day skin can look thick like an orange peel.

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Ok.....can we say luxurious?!! I am really loving the La Mer Body Serum. It feels like silk as it adds minerals to the skin and helps with the apperance of discoloration. I especially love it for the legs!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

March is here and we can now officially "Spring forward" to the new season. The first place to start is to get lip tips from the March 2007 issue of Sophisticate's Black Hair magazine entitled "Perfecting the Pout".

In the article they interviewed me and a few other celebrity makeup artists to get a list of our favorite products and the latest trends for your lips. The issue is in stores now so keep an eye out for it. If you look close enough you can even get a glimspe of a smiling picture of me!

With Spring colors comes Spring fashion. The Spring collection of Paul Stuart is now available. I got a chance to do the makeup, hair and men's grooming for the campaign. I had a great time working with the crew and Switzerland photographer Christian Coigny. Even though the model looks happy and warm in the outside shots, it was actually very windy and cold. He looks great doesn't he?!

They carry men's and women's clothing. I really love their color palettes in this collection. Look at that yellow! It's so fresh and beautiful. Their classic style would look great in anyone's wardrobe....hmmm....maybe I need to go back to their online catalog and see if there is something I need to get.

Well....I think I'd better start answering your beauty questions instead so I won't start spending money! LOL!!!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Exfoliator, what are the different types, and what is most preferred?"- from Elizabeth in Missouri.

Answer: There are exfoliators for the face, the body and the feet. All exfoliators are designed to remove dead skin so younger looking fresh skin can show through. Exfoliators are also great to make the texture of the skin smooth, so products like moisturizers, bronzers and shimmers can go on more evenly and quickly onto the skin.

Exfoliators can range from simple scrubs which are made up of tiny granules to gentle rub off the dead skin, to complex lotions and creams that exfoliate. Some may contain ingredients like alpha-hydroxy to remove the unwanted skin to reveal fresher skin. There are also tools, like loofahs, brushes and scrub pads that can be used as exfoliators also.

Exfoliators for the face are the least abrasive than the ones designed for the body, while scrubs for the feet are the most abrasive because the skin is thicker.

If you are looking to start using an exoliator for the first time, for your face, try a mild one like Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer that is mild enough to use twice a daily.

Beauty question: "My daughter is wearing a deep teal dress with silver jewlryfor her formal, she is 16 yrs old how should I do her eye colors and lip colors?" -from Carrie in Arizona.

Answer: The teen years is usually the time when girls like to be more trendy and funky but when it is for a formal it is more important to keep her makeup simple and complimentary to her best features to ensure that the attention stays on her and not her makeup. Start with a good moisturizer and foundation only where her skin needs it, so skin looks flawless without looking cakey.

Cheeks can have a natural hint of color by using a cream blush instead of powder in a soft pink like Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Moist Glow in Pravella. Then lips will look polished but not over powering with a sheer lip color like Almost Lipcolor in Almost Blush by Cliniques. To finish the look and add a bit of sparkle to the eyes, just sweep lids with Metallic Cream shadow in Portobello 011 and then line upper lash line with a thin line of Special Eyes Eyeliner pencil in Azure Shimmer 121 and extending the liner slightly past the edge of the eye to add a touch of drama. Now she will be ready to dance the night away looking like the beauty queen that she is!

Beauty question: "I am a fair skinned girl with a Latina background. I was looking to actually higlight my hair so that I can do something different with it. The problem is that I have very dark brown hair and I don't know what color would best suit and enhance my overall features. Can you help?"- from Jackie in Florida.

Answer: I am not an hair colorist, but my best suggestion is to take a hint from mother nature. As we head towards warmer weather, think about what your skin will look like. If your skin turns more golden or sandy then lighter brown and golden highlights will compliment your skin. If your skin gets more red or bronze, then auburn and copper highlights will look better.

To see what you will look like with the new hair, stop at a wig shop and try on wigs with the same color that you decide to use. This will give you a preview of the tone of your hair against your skin. No matter what you decide to do, always go to a professional especially if it is your first time coloring your hair.

To help make your color last use shampoos and conditioners to help lock in moisture and hold color. Nioxin has a variety of products to consider including a hydrating mask for your hair.

Keep the questions coming! The more you ask, the more I can answer for you.


For every makeup application that I do I love to hydrate the skin first by spritzing it with Algo Mist by Repechage before I add a moisturizer.

It has a light refreshing seaweed mist, that is great to use in the morning and through out the day when your skin needs a quick pick-me-up.