Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Some people are addicted to soap operas...me?...well....actually I'm a bit addicted to HGTV. I just love the shows. From Househunters, to Design to Sell. I can't get enough of them.

Maybe it's because I want to buy a house soon so I love the tips. Or maybe it's because I also want my current living space to look better. I can't decide the main reason but either way you can see why I'm addicted to the shows.

I'm sure you are now thinking, "what does this have to do with your beauty blog?"...ok!...ok!...I'm getting to it! I was called to do the makeup and hair for the new HGVT series "Bang For Your Buck". Talk about ecstatic! I get to work face to face with HGTV designers Lisa LaPorta, Sabrina Soto Monica Pedersen and Lytel Young. Yeah!! I thought I would ask them a million design questions....but I didn't. The beauty diva in me overwrote all opportunities to get new tips on the down low for my home, and I ended up giving beauty products and tips of my own. *sigh* Oh well! Maybe next time.

The show is about 3 homes with the same type of renovations for the same amount of money. The designers and real estate experts for that area determine if each home used their money wisely for design and for resale value. The fun part?....you get to see what the homeowners think about the experts comments. Good...and bad! Some homeowners had a 'take no prisoners' approach to their comments. lol!! It was GREAT! I loved every minute of it!

I started my day at 6:30 am. setting up shop in the home owner's bathrooms getting ready to style the designers and real estate experts. If we had enough time, I was allowed to style the home owners too. One of my favorite things to bring was my new Banana Republic candles. The scent was so calming, it set the mood for the day. Next it was skin care, skin care, skin care! People always ask me what I use so this time I'm going to let you know my tools of choice for the show. I even took pictures so you can see for yourself!

As a beauty junkie I must admit I love trying new products so I'm always changing up but when I work on a TV series I prefer to stay with one set of products through out the whole show. For skin care I used Repechage Algo Mist to start and followed with Olay Regenerist Derma-pod eye moisturizer and Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 30 moisturizer.

Once every one's skin was prepped it was color time! I mainly used Temptu airbrush foundation, Revlon Brow Fantasy and Repechage for eye, lip and cheek color but I sometimes threw in a touch of Tarte eyeshadow as well. For hair I used my new David Babaii products. I love that proceeds go to wildlife so I feel like I'm able to do 2 things, get what I need for work and help the world, all on the same dime.

Once everyone was finished it was show time! Wanna see how it turned out? Well tune in on April 3rd to see!...but you can get a sneak peek now by going to the HGTV "Bang For Your Buck" web site.

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I heard you say (on a tv segment) that wetting the eyeshadow gives a deeper look. Does it ruin the shadow once you start wetting it or should you shave off the portion of the shadow you intend to wet."- from Robin in Ohio.

Answer: No it doesn't ruin it. Most eyeshadows are fine to use wet them with water but some don't and you have to use makeup fixiers to do it.

The best way to wet your shadows is to not put water directly on the shadow but to wet your brush or applicator instead. Then just use one spot on your eye shadow so the other areas remain dry.

Since most people have a tendency to smear the compact with water I suggest using products like Sorme' Long Lasting Wet/Dry eye shadow which are especially designed to do that.

Beauty question: "I have visible spots on my ace from acne that doesn't seem to go away and I would like to know what can I do to conceal the spots without having to put alot of makeup on?" from Danandra in Indiana.

Answer: Begin with a light coat of foundation. Start at the center of your face, which normally needs most of the color, and work your way towards the edges. I like to blend with my fingers or a foundation brush. Then study your face to see where you need more coverage. In those areas get a concealer that matches you skin tone and pat, don't rub, on top of the areas you want to hide. Patting makes the coverage a little thicker without it looking cakey.

To ensure you foundation doesn't look heavy wait a moment and let it settle and warm up against your skin. Then pat all over it one more time with a clean makeup sponge. That will lift any color that isn't adhering to your skin and may be excess product. Follow with a little bit of face powder to set it. I like to apply it with a little makeup brush like Billy B #13 makeup brush. The small size keeps me from picking up tons and tons of powder and also makes it easier to apply around the small areas of the face like the nose and under eye.

Once you powder, press the powder into the skin with a clean sponge or velour puff to make sure it really sets the foundation and not just sit on top of the skin.

Now you are ready for color and your skin doesn't look like plastic!

Beauty question: "Alot of product lines are making foundation primer to go
along with their foundations, is this really needed? I always thought that as
long as you cleanse exfoliate and moisturize, you would be okay? What do you
from Tiffany in Michigan.

Answer: Exfoliaters are designed to unblock pores and smooth skin by removing dead skin. Moisturizers are designed to hydrate the skin. Both of those benefits are not the same thing that makeup primers are designed to do.

Depending on the primer, just like primer for paint on your walls, they are usually designed to make your makeup go on smoother and last longer on the skin. Some primers have additional options like vitamins and anti-aging benefits like the Bare Escentuals Prime Time primer but the main benefits are usually the same in all primers.

Next month will be more beauty answers so keep sending me those questions!

My favorite thing this month is the Banana Republic candles. I know I talked about them earlier but I really really like them! It is nice to have a soothing clean scent around you instead of a heavy one. I didn't even know they HAD candles but I'm glad I found out they did. They are going all through my house!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

This is the time when most people are getting ready for family functions but I'm usually looking for the beauty spreads from all of the Fall magazine issues that I've worked on. This year I was able to work on 2 spreads, so I was elated. I not only did the makeup design but I also did the creative direction so I was able to have a little more control over the over all theme of the shoot.

For one spread I wanted the look to be wearable for the everyday person not just for the photo shoot, but I still wanted to include an evening look to it since most people are doing special dinners with family and business colleagues. So I used the rich red on the lips but kept the eyes to a minimum by using browns and soft grey. For one of the other looks I created more color on the eyes with shades of green and deep brown, but kept the lips more neutral with a shimmer based beige. All of the looks were definitely wearable no matter what age or what skin tone.

For the second beauty spread I wanted to go all out sexy! Winter is the time when everyone is snuggling up isn't it? So I used a variety of colors for this spread but I made sure the looks weren't too made up to keep them very approachable. No one wants to think you are sexy and then wonder who you are when the makeup is washed off the next day. Right?!

For this beauty spread I did 3 different looks. The first was also the classic red lip and I used Sorme for this look but I really made the skin pop by adding some highlights to the cheeks after I added the blush. Red lips were the Fall staple this year so I had to include it but I think glowing skin is always seductive so it was the perfect element for the spread.

For the second look I did a complete look of beige and browns with MUD cosmetics. The sexiness of neutrals is perfect for the shy person who is waiting to just unleash. It's not too abrasive, yet it still grabs you hard!

I did smoky eyes for the last look. Typical hugh? Well....you can't do sexy without adding some smoke right?! Instead of the usual heavy smokey eye I decided to be a little more structured by keeping the rest of the lid really simple and rimming the eyes in black liner and softly smoking it so the color stayed by the lash line. I used makeup by the Julie Hewett collections.

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I have very sleepy eyes. In fact, I'm always told that I look tired or sleepy. Is there anything I can do to make my eyes look more awake or larger?"- from Kim in Indiana.

Answer: To make eyes look more awake avoid lining the top and the bottom of the eye in the same color. Line the top eye in a rich dark color like charcoal or black and line the bottom eye with a sofer shade like taupe or sable. Then line the inner rim with a white or off-white to make eyes appear more awake.

On days you are truly tired avoid shades that have red in them like burgundy if you are trying to look more awake because the red undertones will highlight any red in your eyes and make you look sleepier. Instead use shades that have a cooler tone to it like the blue in the Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeshadow Quads Blue Smoke. It will make the white in your eyes appear brighter.

Beauty question: "I am 49 yrs old, and have thinning hair on top. What are the best products to use to get more volume/thickness and lift?" from Eileen in Illinois.

Answer: There are a lot of hair care lines with volumizing products that can make your hair appear thick and fuller but there are few lines that actually stimulate and restore your hair but Lanadil can.

They have a complete system of shampoo, conditioner and serum to make it easier to get your hair back and their 30 day money back guarantee it makes easy to try it.

Beauty question: "I have big pores, and acne. My skin is dry when I put coverup on. Do you have any tips on what kind of foundation is good and long lasting, and how to apply."- from Alaa in Illinois.

Answer: The first thing you should do is start with proper skin care like a moisturizer. Cover up doesn't make your skin dry....lack of moisture makes skin dry. So even though you have acne you should still apply a water based moisturizer to balance your skin.

I suggest a moisturizer that will also help to minimize your pores like DFF Wrinkle Plus Pore Minimizer Moisturizing Serum. It hydrates and exfoliates to make skin look younger and pores look more refined so they will look smaller.

Oil-free cream to powder foundations or silicone based foundations are great to use when you are trying to get the coverage that you need and make skin appear more smooth. Stick with a matte finish instead of a dewey or satin finishes to keep skin from appearing greasy.

Foundation Application tips:

To make foundation appear as natural as possible start with a primer to help make product last longer and spread better. Then apply foundation with the center of the face and blend outward towards the edges with a thin layer of foundation. This will give your skin an even look.

For ares that need additional coverage like blemishs, apply concealer on top by patting. Remember....don't rub! Rubbing just thins out the effect of the concealer then you won't be able to ...well...conceal your areas.

Make sure the concealer is also the same color as your skin, instead of lighter, since you are applying it on TOP of your foundation. If you are using a cream to powder foundation, feel free to pat on the same foundation over areas that need additional coverage instead of using concealer. Usually cream to powder products have a lot of pigment, so they are able to give a bit more coverage if you need it.

This application will give you the coverage that you need without making skin look heavy and mask like. After you have all of your imperfections corrected, then finish with a light dust of powder all over to set it. Take a makeup sponge or velour puff and press powder into skin, then dust the excess powder off your face with a clean powder brush. If you are using a cream to powder then just skip this step.

Now your skin looks even and you are ready for color!

Next month will be more beauty answers so keep sending me those questions!


My favorite thing this month is the Fig body cream from The Soap and Paper Factory. It slides smoothly on your skin like butter. My knees and elbows especially get really dry this time of year so I really wanted something that would soothe it without making it feel greasy. This did the trick!...and the yummy smell didn't hurt either!

Monday, October 06, 2008

What do you get when you mix musice videos with the Jason Aldean country music tour?....the Top 20 Countdown with host Lance Smith! I got to wear the press badge and go behind the scenes of the concert tour for CMT. My makeup of choice for everyone that day?.....Kett Fixx Crème Palette. Since everyone had great skin I didn't need much, and the palette is so versatile I was able to find the perfect shade for each person. Just a dab here and there was all I needed.

We started our day shooting the Countdown at the National Museum of the United States Air Force and then ended the day hanging out with Jason Aldean and Lady Antebellum (group members Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood) for sound check and to talk about music and the 2008 CMA Award nominations that both of them had.

Since the day was so perfect everyone decided to take a break and do some of the show outside. I was first a little worried about the wind messing up everyone's hair but the Bumble and Bumble hair products kept everything in place without giving anyone helmet hair.

After I gave everyone a quick touch up for shine Lance, Jason and Lady Antebellum roasted hot dogs and threw footballs for the rest of the interview then it was back inside to get ready for the show!

While the groups got ready we finished the countdown while the fans screamed with excitement in the back ground. A few of the fans were also fans of the show and asked for pictures and autographs from Lance too. I almost felt like a body guard when people kept tapping me on the shoulder asking if they could get a picture with him as well. "Sure! He's great and would love to" I said as I took camera after camera so I could shoot a picture of them.

Everyone was great to work with. I had so much fun it didn't even feel like work. Ok....Time for us to go!....no more pictures...the concert was about to begin and we just did our last segment for the show. I wish the best for the rest of the tour and hope one of them wins the 2008 CMA Awards! Good luck everyone!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I always have problem with picking the right color of blush. What should I pay attention to? Is there any rule like skin color (I am blonde, blue eyes)or day/night make-up, clothes color...thank you"- Sylwia from in Maryland.

Answer: Blush can be very versatile and you taylor it around the look you want to create.

For a more uniform look to match the hues of your makeup you can base your blush on your lip color. For example, if you are doing deep burgundy lips with a soft brown based eye shadow, then a soft burgundy blush would work well.

If you wanted a very natural no makeup look you can base your blush from your own skin when you become flush. If you aren't use what that looks like try rubbing the apples of your cheek to see what color surfaces. Then base your color from that.

If you want a warmer glow to your blush base your chioces on warmer shades like peaches or terra cotta. If that is too orange for your taste go with corals which are more universal to all skin tones. A great blush to try is Urban Decay 'Afterglow' that has a bronzed pink look with hints of gold to create the glow you want.

Beauty question: "I wanted to know in your professional opinion what are the best makeup brands to use for everyday use." from Dina in Georgia.

Answer: Most of the brands on the market are usable for every day wear. There are a lot of selections to choose from. Even brands that are not expensive can be great to use for everyday. Black Radiance have great products and they are very inexpensive.

One of my favorite cream eyeshadows is the Black Radiance Starry Eyeshadow quads. They are creamy, very easy to blend and have a lot of pigment.

My biggest suggestion is to purchase them at a store like CVS or RiteAid that has return policies for makeup when they don't work for you. Then you can return any of your mistakes.

Beauty question: "Hi, Candace! I recently got a digicam and I've noticed with the flash on, the pics have a beautiful turn out, but the makeup seems more toned down in the pics than in person. Is this normal? Should I just add more makeup? Any tips are appreciated"- from Jillian in New York.

Answer: Light is a major factor in proper makeup application for pictures. Light can cause the makeup to look like a different shade and it can wash out the color that has been applied to the face. So if you are putting on your makeup to take a picture, when possible, try to see what the lighting is going to be and apply your makeup on in that type of lighting.

More, more, more beauty questions please! Next month will be more answers so keep sending me those questions!


This month my favorite thing is not a beauty product...it's a book. While working with Lance I found out that he is also a writer of a children's book called "The Old Man And The Cat". Since I'm a Mom, I was so excited I had to ask for a copy of my own! You gotta get your own too!...it's great!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

When I was a little girl my aunt taught me how to do a cartwheel and that was the beginning of a whole 'nother world....gymnastics! Even though my parents couldn't afford to put me in a class that didn't hold me back. I would watch the Olympics and then teach myself how to do round offs, hand springs...anything I could.

I would drive my mother crazy when I would always flip around the house. My favorite place to tumble was in the living room which was the worst place to be since it was the nicest place in the house, but I didn't care. I felt all of the punishments and scoldings were worth it because it was the perfect place....right in front of the TV so I could see Nadia Comaneci and the other Olympic gymnasts. I'm actually surprised I'm still alive today. Not because I thought I would hurt myself, but because my mother didn't kill me!

Even though I didn't become a professional gymnast like I dreamt, I still got the chance to do makeup on the Olympic gymnatic medalist Alicia Sacramone, Shawn Johnson, and Nastia Liukin for Cover Girl. Their signature looks were created by makeup artist Molly Stern with all Cover Girl products, so I had to duplicate the looks for the commercials and print ads. I even got a chance to get a picture with them. This was the first time I was taller then the people I worked on. It was GREAT!

After shooting all morning and afternoon the girls took a quick nap and then it was time for me to do touch ups so they could be ready for big Rouge magazine event. At the event the girls signed autographs and took pictures. I was invited to be one of the beauty experts and did makeovers and gave tips on all of the attendees. I had so much fun!

Rouge magazine is a new magazine created by P&G. It keeps you up to date on fashion and beauty trends.....and the best part?......you can get a subscription for FREE! So go get one!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I am a 20 year old attending college and I have been noticing my skin turns quite dull every year. It is very upsetting I exfoliate once aweek use blush, exersise, wear sunscreen, eat healthy and don't over moisturize. But nothing seems to be helping! My skin is fair I wear mauve lipsticks, mica powders and blush but my skin still looks dingy and brown."- from Eire in Florida.

Answer: It may not be your skin that is the problem but the color choices of your makeup. Since we wear more makeup in the Fall and Winter, it may be more apparent at that time then the warmer seasons.

First start with your foundation. Stop by a makeup counter that can custom blend your foundation like Prescriptives, and have them do a color analysis on you. Even though you have a fair complexion you may have warm undertones like Nicole Kidman. You might need to wear a yellow based foundation like Prescriptives AnyWear Multi-Purpose Makeup Stick SPF 15 in Ecru, but be wearing a foundation with cool undertones which can make your skin appear muddy and flat.

Also try switching from the cool tones of mauve lip color and blush and use corals and peaches. Whether cool or warm toned, most people can wear those colors beautifully and it can give your skin the 'kick' that you are looking for.

Beauty question: "Being 49 yrs of age I do not as of yet have any noticable wrinkles, but do have some very faint lines. The reason I know this is because I have found with using some translucent powders to set my makeup, it will show/bring out these lines. UGH! Suggestions?" from Eileen in Illinois.

Answer: When TV and video switched to HD, which stands for "high definition" it is great for viewers to see all of the action up close, but it was horrible for makeup artists because regular transucent powder can look heavy, cakey and bring out ever fine line of the person's face, but we still need to set the makeup, which is the same problem you are dealing with. Many makeup companies have now addressed this issue by creating alternative powders, like Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder.

This powder is not only very fine in texture, which keeps it from looking cakey on the skin, but it is also 100% mineral silica to set makeup while softening the appearance of imperfections. It can be used on all skin tones.

Beauty question: "I have a lot of acne, is there any sort of make-up or face wash that you know of that helps with breakouts. I want to be a model but my skin is really holding me back."- from Willow in Oregon.

Answer: If you keep trying the traditional acn products and it doesn't work, then you might want to try some of the new products that include technology along with skin care like Thermaclear.

The device uses Thermal Pulse technology, which is gentle bursts of heat, to neutralize the bacteria that causes acne to help you have clear skin. For added help they also have a cleanser and clarifying lotion that you can use in conjunction with the device to clean your skin without over drying it.

Next month will be more beauty answers so keep sending me those questions!


I love the smell of vanilla so when I heard about the Black Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner by Carol's Daughter, I had to try it.

Not only did I LOVE the smell but I was impressed that I was able to use it on any type of hair without a heavy weighed down feeling.

I see why many celebrities like actress and wife of Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, loves their products too!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

As much as I love doing makeup on models and celebrities, one of my favorite things to do is to work with every day people to help them enhance their natural beauty. Why?....because I'm a mom and a business woman too so I understand how hard it can be to take a little time for yourself to look good when you don't seem to have time to even sleep! Well, recently I got that chance to do that as the beauty spokesperson for Kroger and Covergirl!

Kroger is a megastore that recently remodeled their locations to better suit the shopping experience especially for the beauty needs of women. It was redesigned to be more like a beauty boutique with skin enancing lighting to make choosing foundation much easier, mirrors, sample sections and isles that are easy to find product. I was really impressed!

So when the store did their makeover, they decided to do a beauty makeovers as well. That's where Covergirl and I come in! 3 winners were chosen after they had to write in to WARM98 radio station to say why they deserved a makeover.

The winnbers received bags filled with products from Pantene, Olay, Cover Girl and Herbal Essence. They also received face and hair makeovers from me right in the radio station.

I started with skin care and tips to correct any problems they had. Then I used Covergirl makeup to airbrush their flaws away. For their hair I used a variety of products from Pantene and Herbal Essence to create hair styles that would be easy to do at home. Wanna see more? Just click onto a picture to see more behind the scenes images!

After the radio makeovers were complete I was carted off to do even more at the Kroger store. With tv cameras every where, brushed and fluffed everyone into perfection! I had so much fun working with everyone and seeing their excitment from their new beauty looks. It was one of the most fun things I've done all year!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I need make up that will last and not run for a team of Broadway dancers. what can I use that wont smudge or run?"- from Crystal in Florida .

Answer: Whether in a club with your friends or on stage for Broadway, you want a makeup that can truly hold up through hours of sweat and heat from dancing vigorously under hot lights, so always start with freshly washed, hydrated skin and prep it with a primer so makeup will not only glide on evenly but give your products additional gripping power to stay in place.

Follow with a foundation like Revlon Color Stay that is designed to last yet look like real skin instead of a mask. There are various formulas to suit your skin type, in a broad range of colors.

To even out skin tone and make eye shadows and lip color stay on longer, apply it on lids and lips before additional color as well.

Beauty question: "I have very oily skin, so are there any products that actually work for oily skin?Because I tried a lot of stuff but they dont work, maybe I am not applying it right or something else. Can you help me ?" from Ruby in Ohio.

Answer: It's difficult to say what you are doing right or wrong without personally going over everything that you do but there are a few tips you can keep in mind to help you current routine.

1. Don't be too abrasive by overly cleansing your face. Many people with oily skin can get frustrated and go over board with cleansers, by washing their face 4 and 5 times a day. Doing this can irritate skin or cause surface dehydration, which makes your skin kick out more oil to help protect itself.

Washing your face in the morning and the evening may be all that it needs. If you feel that you need to do something through out the day, try using an oil blotting paper followed by a spray on toner like Aveda Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist for oily skin to soothe and refresh skin with Aloe and Peppermint.

2. Don't skip hydrating your skin. Oily skin doesn't need more oil, but it still needs water. So don't skip using a water based oil-free moisturizer with sunscreen. By giving your skin the water that it needs, it helps it to become balanced instead of just dry, which is the ultimate goal...right?!

3. Don't pick your pimples. It can drive you crazy to see a breakout trying to surface, so the first thing you want to do it squeeze it to get it out. Leave the pimple extracting to the professionals who know how to remove them properly. Doing it yourself can cause the infection to burst inside your skin and spread bacteria to create new break outs. You can also damage your skin by applying too much pressure and eventually you will start having scars on your skin or pock marks.

There is something you can do to help. Since your body uses sleep time to repair itself give it a boost to correct the pimple problem by doing a few extra steps before you hit the sheets. Start by steaming your freshly washed face to help loosen blocked pores, then follow with a face mask for oily skin, moisturize and finish with a leave-on pimple cream. Let your body do the rest!

These 3 tips should help you get your skin in check.

Beauty question: "Hi my older sister is trying to start doing some modeling, but she has a hypopigmentation disorder on her chest and a bit of her stomach that makes the affected skin lighter than the surrounding. We've tried foundadtions to help blend in the skin but the problem is that thier either not dark enough because she's african american with very dark skin, or the makeup is not non-transferable and ends up staining all of her clothes. I was wondering if you had any idea of non transferable makeup that could be used for people with dark skin tones."- from Aundrea in Conneticut.

Answer: Unlike hyperpigmentation which causes the skin to become darker, hypopigmentation is a loss of color which is caused by melanocyte depletion. Both skin problems can be masked with cosmetics that won't rub off on your clothes.

There are more choices then before to look flawless without staining your clothes. You can use makeup like Dermablend Leg & Body Cover. Dermablend has been the cosmetic of choice for many years, to cover up skin tone discoloration without detection. It comes in 15 shades and 4 shades of the shades are for darker complexions. This long wearing cream based foundation is non transferable and will give you extra full coverage without looking or feeling thick on the skin.

You can also go high tech like the celebrities and use airbrush makeup like Kett Hydro Proof makeup which is also waterproof, smudge proof and non-transferable. There are only 10 shades, but they have an adjuster so you can custom design your color to make a perfect match every time which can be especially helpful when your going from winter to summer.

Next month will be a more beauty answers so keep sending me those questions!


I usually try all types of things but I've seemed to shun away from long lasting lip colors because many feel dry and cakey on the lips, or they just don't really last.
This month my favorite thing is Outlast lip color! Yea..I know! I can't believe it. It really lasts without transfering on everything you touch. Best of all, your lips don't feel like the Sahara desert!

There are different types of Outlast lip products to choose from but I'm partial to the Double Shine because you can use it with or without that gloss...or be a diva and add even more gloss! Ha ha! That's me!

Love it!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

July isn't really Breast Cancer month, but I was still able to get involved with a great fashion show called "Pink Perfection" to help raise money against breast cancer.

Me and my team of assistants Kim D., Jana, Deidra and Kim used Repechage and Sugar cosmetics to create the looks. The eyes were in a beautiful deep purple with black liner and a beautiful bright pink lip in honor of breast cancer awareness.

The designs were a mix of gowns and evening wear by a variety of designers including the famous twin Double Stitch. The show started with pink sleek elegant gowns and had a mix of men's wear with pink shirts and ties.

Great fashion show, great cause!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I have oily skin, do you think with a light concealer and Imans's cream to powder foundation will work for me? Or what do you think I should try?"- from Tiffany in Michigan.

Answer: Yes it will. Unlike most cream foundations that are oily, IMAN Second To None Cream To Powder Foundation is oil free. It will feel light and natural on the skin but give you the coverage that you want to correct any look of uneven skin tone.

After you choose your foundation shade, pick the co-ordinating concealer to go with it. It comes in Sand, Clay or Earth, so it is very easy to select.

Before you put on the foundation you should start with the Iman Under Cover Agent Oil Control Lotion to help keep your oily skin in check. It is also great to use through out the day,right on top of your makeup, instead of powder to pat on skin and tone down shine as well. It will help you keep your makeup looking fresh without the cakey look that you can obtain from powdering your face all day.

Beauty question: "I have dark circles under my eyes. I get plenty of sleep, and no matter how much cover up and concealer I put on, it doesn't help!!!!And it ruins the rest of the make-up on my face and makes me look ugly, just for the under eye circles!!!!!Please tell me what I can do to rid myself of those circles!!!" from Samantha in New York.

Answer: One of the best ways to combat under eye circles is to start with your skin care. Dry skin can make under eye circles appear even darker so be sure to hydrate with products specifically designed to moisturize and brighten that delicate area of skin. A great product to try is DDF Erase Eye Gel because it has kojic acid in it. Kojic acid is derived from mushrooms, and is a natural skin lightener. So it will help lighten up the dark circles under you eyes, while giving your skin the hydration that it craves.

Since your concealer isn't working for you, don't give up hope because it may have the right shade but the wrong color. Most people choose concealers that are one shade lighter than there skin, but some dark circles need a yellow or a salmon toned concealer to color 'correct' it as well.

Try the Eve Pearl Magic Salmon Concealer to make muddy dark circle warm and even with your natural skin tone. When applying it be sure not to treat it like a foundation and spread it. Instead pat away the discoloration that you're trying to hide. This application technique keeps the color where it needs to be without making it look fake or thick and heavy.

Now your skin around your eyes will look flawless like the rest of your face!

Beauty question: "I'm seeing the old Mark Traynor face & neck lift systems popping back up. Art Harding also has a system. Marie Claire even hailed them as the "retro beauty must have" item. Do they REALLY work?? Are they invisible like they say they are? Just wondering how these things work. This almost 50 year old just isn't ready for surgery yet."- from Tess in Texas.

Answer: Yep both the Art Harding's Instant Face Lift and Mark Traynor Temporary Face Lifts REALLY work! I've used them on commercials to make an older actress look younger. There are lifts for the face and neck to give you options.

There are 2 shades to choose from, brunette and blond. You need to pick your kit according to your hair color so it can hide them easier. Start by wiping skin with alcohol to rid it of oil and dirt. Then after it has dried, apply the tapes to the areas of the face and neck that you want to lift. Even though the tapes are clear and matte to make them less visible, be sure to apply them as close to the hair line as possible.

After you get the results that you want, style your hair around your face to hide any possible detection. Easy! Instant face lift without the surgery!

Next month will be more answers so keep sending me your beauty questions !


In the winter months I use a cream to treat and add moisture to my scalp and hair, but in this hot weather I needed something more light weight so I tried the CHI Olive Nutrient Therapy Silk Oil.

I see why they named it that way because this leave in treatment makes your scalp and hair feel smooth as silk! It contains certified Organic oil to treat the hair by helping to repair split ends and it replenishes the scalp with nourishment to keep it healthy...and it doesn't feel heavy. Perfect! Just what I was looking for!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer time is here!!! Don't you just love this time of year?! The sunshine always puts me in a good mood. It reminds me of when I was younger and I would be on Summer break from school and the only think I had to worry about was which party I had to go to first!

No more books...especially book reports. The only time I didn't mind doing a book report was when I had to do a report on Alice In Wonderland. I knew about the story but never really paid attention to it until we had to do a report on it in school. After that I loved it! The thought of going to Wonderland, to a place of whimsy and odd characters?....that is always fun for a kid.

I guess I never really grew up from it because that story was actually my inspiration for the Spring/Summer beauty spread of Brides Noir magazine. This issue was the "Fairy Tale" issue so I went all out and had a blast creating the "Through The Looking Glass" beauty spread.

Just like in story book, I used the fun off the wall make-believe land of Wonderland to create a magical place for beauty. We had dangling watches, crowns, top hats and edible cookie staffs! From the Mad Hatter to the Queen of Hearts, I was like a kid again! It must have brought the editor-in-chief back to some happy memories as well because this was the first time that the beauty spread also became the COVER! Well....you got no complaints from me for that!

So....? Wanna see what happened when Alice jumped through the mirror too?....well go to the news stands to find out. I already know what happened!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I purchased foundation from Clinique's make up counter and I kept telling the sales person I have yellow undertones and she stated it did not matter and now my foundation makes my skin look ashen and greenish. Do you have any suggestions for a sheer coverage foundation for African American skin. I just want to apply it to certain areas and blend it and finish up with some bronzer."- from Shontell in Georgia.

Answer: It sounds like a poor color choice by the beauty consultant, but if you are looking for another brand to try....trust me!....there are a lot of brands that have perfect choices for you.

I recently used Stila Natural Finish Oil Free Makeup for a photo shoot and was so impressed with how it blended that I used some on myself as well. I LOVED how it felt (because it didn't feel it on my skin) and how it looked. The true golden undertones were a perfect match.

Since the foundation is "buildable", I didn't have to use a concealer. I first used a sponge apply a sheer coat as a foundation. Then I used the same sponge and kept "patting" more product in areas that I needed to conceal and it covered seamlessly. I think you will love it as much as I did.

Beauty question: "I would love to get hold of some really decent hair for weaving or a lace wig. I have a couple of events coming up and want to look my absolute best. I would love to know actually who does Shaun Robinson's hair. I know there is a lot on the market but I want to purchase what the celebrities use.

Also my makeup seems to fad after a few hours especially if the venue is hot, I mean everything eyeliner, eye makeup and lipstick. Any tips." from Lornamae in London England.

Answer: I can see why you would want to look to Shaun Robinson as an example of beauty to emulate, she is stunning. As a makeup artist, I get to see people without a stitch of makeup on their face and her skin is truly flawless without anything on it. Before I used anything I started with the Skindinavia Face and Eye primer. I use it on all of the celebrities that I work with especially for TV and video because I have less opportunities to do touch ups but there are more chances for makeup melt down while they are under those hot lights.

For hair extensions or wigs I suggest using natural instead of synthetic, so you can have more versatility by being able to blow dry or curl the hair with hair tools when you want another look. Another benefit is the option of natural over synthetic is to be able to color the hair to match yours to make detection less noticeable.

One brand that is favorite amongst celebrities is Great Lengths. They have a variety of hair colors and hair textures. Their extensions are also applied "strand by strand", instead of a long weft, to make hair flows naturally as it moves....even on a windy days.

Sometimes there is a misconception that because extensions are "fake" that you don't need to take care of them....but you do!

The best way to keep hair in good shape, even extensions, is to keep give them the moisture and conditioning they need to keep them flexible and shiny. You can use cruelty-free products like David Babaii For Wild Aid shampoos and conditioners. They have a variety of hair products that you can use on your hair and your extensions, and 10% of each dollar you spend is donated to Wildaid to better the environment. So you can look good and also do good for the earth.

Beauty question: "Hi, in June i have my final exams as a makeup artist in Zurich. My model has a really dark skin and i have no idea what colour i should take for her lips. I have to do an evening makeup, photomakeup, mannequin makeup, and a wedding makeup..i know, my english is not perfect but anyway, i hope that you can help me."- from Selina in Switzerland.

Answer: Thank you for your beauty question. Congratulations on going to school to be a makeup artist. I've been a makeup artist for over 20 years and I still love what I do. It's a great career.

I'm not going to tell you exactly what to use because that would defeat the purpose of having a "test" but I will give you some advice.

The best makeup artists are known for breaking the rules! So the best thing to do is to get your "hands dirty" and do a practice run before the test by trying several shades on your model. Don't be afraid to try mixing the ones that you THOUGHT might not work with other colors. It will help you to LEARN how to be a good makeup artist and let your creativity move you to perform.

One of my favorite shoots was for a spread called "What Inspires you?". I created crazy lashes for the model to wear...when I wasn't even sure how or IF it was going to work. By letting my creativity move me, I was able to come up with a way to do it and it turned out amazing.

So don't be afraid to let yourself CREATE! Good luck!

Next month will be more beauty answers so keep sending me those questions!


As a makeup artist, you try not to wear a lot of heavy fragrances, especially in the hot weather. The last thing you want to do is make your client pass out because your fragrance took over their oxygen.

So I decided to look for a few more fragrances that I could wear that everyone would love to smell while I wore it. A fragrance that would make me feel pretty and fresh, not sticky and too sweet. You know that smell...when you let soda pop sit in the your car and the hot sun beats down on it. Yeah...it just smells like thick sticky syrup? Yuck!...that is NOT what I wanted.

Low and behold I found a fragrance...well 2 actually....BONUS for me! Victoria's Secrets has a new collection called the Beauty Rush Tropical Cocktails. Who wants to say NO to a cocktail? Ummm...not me! So I tried the Lotta Colada and the scent brought me back to the time when I was in Jamacia. It was fruity yet not too sweet or overpowering. It was light and fresh, and of course....sexy!...it's from Victoria's Secrets, what else would it be?

The other fragrance was for my man. What?!....Did you think I would leave him out? My husband isn't really a "fragrance" kind of guy but when I got a whiff of the Tommy Hilfiger's Summer Private Cabana fragrance, I knew it was too perfect to pass up. It has a unique mixture of driftwood backed with the cool notes of Spearment leaves that gives it a crispness that I knew he would like. Kind of like fresh washed sheets blowing in the wind. Love it...and so did my man!
Wow! All this talk about cocktails and sheet makes me want to take a vacation! I think I'll go check on a weekend get away! bye!