On March 7th my team and I had the previledge of working on the Women's Empowerment Series event. As the featured celebrity makeup artist for the event I was able to do makeup on another featured guest, best selling author Nikki Turner. She has been a best seller on several books, being featured in Essence and USA Today, and has been labled the "Queen of Hip Hop Lit". She was so cool she gave me copies of all of her books and even signed one of my copies!

Other guests at the event were Jennifer Hudson who performed various songs, celebrity HGTV designer Vern Yip who gave home tips, and 'America's Next Top Model' model Taccara who was the host for the fashion show.

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I am going to apologize for my ignorance up front, but I'm going to still ask the question. I have a bi-racial grand daughter almost 2 yrs old. I can't seem to find pants or jeans that fit her her little figure. The ones I buy do not cover her butt. Being in the fashion industry I wondered if you know of any brands that might fit her better. Any guidance you might have would be greatly appreciated."- from Deb in Iowa.

Answer: I do makeup artistry and beauty direction so I'm not a guru at clothing by any means but when my kids were little I would go to stores like WalMart because I knew they would grow out of things so quickly, so I focused more on cost then anything else, but you need more options.

Go to stores that are a bit more chic and give you more options of size, fit and cut of clothing. Start in stores like Target, which have designers like Isaac Mizrahi and Mossimo, then try stores like The Children's Place, Limited Too and Gap Kids. You can find the same variety that you love as an adult for kids. Gap Kids even has a skinny jean for little kids.

Osh Kosh B'Gosh is another store to consider because they have a guarantee on their clothes. So if it tears or rips you can come in and get another one. You need that for childrens clothing!

If you can't find the exact fit, go with the best fit you can get and give her room to grow then go to the dry cleaners or a seamstress and have them taken in. As she grows you can get them taken back out again without having to buy more clothing....saves you money and she looks stylist.

Even consignment shops or thrift stores can be a great place to find what you are looking for. I suggest you go to stores located in neighborhoods that the fashionista or artsy people seem to go so you can have more opportunities to find the designer lables, unique pieces and a higher quality of clothing. The clothes will also be more up to date and less worn. See!.....good question!

Even if you don't think your question is a good one...keep asking!


I was doing makeup for a TV show and one of the cast members said she was going to quickly brush her teeth since we just finished lunch. I said "ok" but wondered why she was still standing in front of me looking in her purse, since we would have to start shooting again. Then she pulled out this pack of individually sealed mini toothbrushes. I was so surprised without even thinking I blurted out "what in the world is that?!....a mini toothbrush?!"

"Try it!" she said as she laughed at skepticism, "They're great and you don't need water". I said I would try it but I actually stuck the package in my pocket deciding it was a waste of time. A week later I was running late and jumped in the car to get ready to go to a photo shoot and realized that I forgot to brush. Looking down on the dash in my car I saw that mini toothbrush, still sitting in a sealed pack where I ditched them, and decided to finally try them or else I might put everyone in a coma from my bad breath. OMG!! These little things really work! Not only did it give me fresh breath but it also gave me that just brushed feeling...without the sink!

So I was forced to admit it...... she was right..and I now keep some in my car, makeup case (because everyone on set always thinks I am the drugstore) and in my personal bag which is especially great for days when my kids forget to brush.

I LOVE them!...now they just need to have a recycling system for them. lol!


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