This month Oprah had her 24th Season Kick Off Party in the middle of the street on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The streets were blocked off all the way down past Ohio street filled with about 21,000 people to see her show. When I heard that her show was going to be outside I thought...."GREAT! Maybe I will get a chance to come down and hang out with the rest of the crowd too!" Little did I know that I'd be getting a phone call 3 days before the show from Access Hollywood to do makeup and hair on Shaun Robinson to interview the queen of talk shows herself....OPRAH! Not for just any day either....during Oprah's Kick Off Party!

Ok...I won't try to play it cool by lying....I almost dropped the phone!

Beauty question: "What is the best product to use to help prevent oilyness or shine after my makeup has been applied?" from Dina in Georgia.

Answer: Kryolan Anti Shine powder is great to use. It is a colorless light weight powder that is especially designed to make skin look matte but not cakey for long days at a photo shoot under hot lights. Since you don't have work under those conditions, it will be even more effective for you.

Next month will be more beauty answers so keep sending me those questions!


My favorite thing this month is BOOTS! Not just any boots but the Sorel boots which are waterproof yet fashionable.

Yes...I know. How did I come up with boots being my favorite thing this month? Well as you know I travel constantly and I have some tv shows that I have to work on in very cold areas this year...and I have to be there during the winter months, so I had to get some boots that looked good but were very functional. Well, these boots are them!

I decided to go with the Helen of Tundra style. I liked how they looked. Simple. Slim, not too bulky. Can go with a pant or a skirt. Nice for my fashionista side but what about the wearability?

When I slipped them on, it was warm and cozy, and when I had to lugged my suitcase of makeup and hair supplies in the harsh elements (up and down steps outside too!) I didn't have to worry about slipping and crashing on the pavement.

Yep! Definitely my favorite thing of the month!


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