Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's the end of the year, but that doesn't mean my work slows down. I seem to be on planes just as often as I've been before. This time I'm heading out of town for another episode of "Bang For Your Buck" for HGTV. Each time I work on the show I am astonished at the home interiors, and the value that design plays on your property value.

If you've never watched the show, let me give you a little background on what it's about. The show is about 3 separate homeowners who have remodeled a certain part of their house. All 3 homes have redone the same part of the house...for the same amount of money...BUT the question is, who used their money more wisely according to their design for the room and most importantly resale value! That is where the professional designers like Vern Yip, David Bromstad or Taniya Nayak come in. They look at everything, with a real estate expert to determined...

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "What is a good moisturizer for aging skin?"- from Jamie in Connecticut.

Answer: Dr. Sadick Park Avenue Prescription is a great option because it contains a daytime moisturizer to protect skin, a night time serum and night cream with retinol to renew and rejuvenate all in one set. It targets hydration and anti-aging all at the same time. The formula feels light weight without feeling greasy.

Now it is time for.....


My favorite thing to mention this month is to leave your skin a little damp before adding your moisturizer to add extra hydration since the weather is so cold and dry during this time of the season. A great way to do that is to spritz your face with Evian mineral water.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

This month has been quite busy with traveling. I went to North Carollina, Ohio and Seattle to do makeup for E! THS Investigations with TV host Laura Ling. Laura investigated 2 interesting stories. One was about "Teen Depression and Suicide". The second story was about "Military Wives" and what they have been going through.

I was quite moved by the stories, and was in awh with the compassion Laura had while she interviewed people. Each individual story enlightened you on the personal blessings that you may be having right now but may take for granted because of seeing the things that these people had undergone. It was amazing ....

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Can you recommend a good air-brush makeup applicator for the everyday consumer to use?"- from Cheryl in Pennsylvania.

Answer: Airbrush has been a Hollywood secret for makeup artists for years, but now Temptu has a consumer friendly AIRbrush Makeup System that you can get at Sephora that is great to use. Since a professional airbrush makeup system can be rather tricky to clean, it's great that there is an easy one the people can use everyday to look flawless and natural just like the celebrities. I not only use it on my makeup artist jobs but I also use it on myself as well.


My favorite thing right now is LIFE. After seeing up close what other people have gone through the only thing I can say is that I appreciate what I've had and the family and friends who have been with me through out my life. I'm very thankful!

Friday, October 01, 2010

I got a chance to work with the new Covergirl model, America's Next Top Model winner, Krista White. My friend hairstylist Bestsey Meade and I were prepping Krista for special private event at the head quarters of Covergirl cosmetics.

We started our day at 7am at the Westin hotel so we would have plenty of time to get her hair and makeup done before her limo came to get her. Bestsey started by getting her hair smooth and shiny with a flat iron and then swooped her hair over into an elegant side ponytail. She added soft curls to the end of her hair, that cascaded over her shoulder, for texture and sophistication.

Next was my turn.....

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Wanna know what your favorite eye cream is for early thirties. hint hint... I'm looking for a new one!"- from Lindsey in Wisconsin.

Answer: You would think that the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles that you see are due to getting older, but it is usually caused by the on-going lack of hydration. Since your body is mainly made up of water, it can really take a toll on your skin. So the earlier you take care of your skin, especially around the delicate eye area, the fewer wrinkles you will have as you get older. Kind of like the saying goes..."it is easier to prevent than correct."

There are a lot of eye creams on the market that I like. A great one to start with should have multiple benefits other than just hydrating skin , like Jan Marini Age Intervention Eye Cream, and include anti-aging and firming benefits as well.

Be careful not to apply too much. You only need a little. The warmth from your body will cause the product to automotically slide inward towards the rest of your eye area so be sure to apply the cream on the orbital bone, which is the edge of the eye socket, so it won't get inside your eye by mistake.


Fall has always been my favorite time of the year because of the great fashion! The best way to look good in your clothes is by starting with great underwear. So my favorite thing this month is the Body By Victoria push up bra. It gives your bust the lift that you want but is smooth and seamless so you look even better in your clothes!

Not sure if you know your correct bra size? No problem! Victoria's Secret has sales people that know how to measure you properly so you get the right size and fit you need.

Here is a little bra trivia! The proper way to put on a bra is to lean forward so your bust falls evenly into the cups, snap the clasps shut, then sit up and adjust the straps as needed. Keep in mind that you usually wear your bra daily. So to ensure that you are getting proper support replace your bras every 6 months because fabric and elastic can become worn out.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

This month I headed to Vegas to work with the Westcott Company for the Photoshop World Convention. When they first talked to me about doing makeup and hair for the event I was working with them on their current catalog of an ice princess. I thought working on the cover was fun, but creating looks for the convention was even more exciting and creative!

The event was 3 days, and each day consisted of 4 mini sets that attendees could do photo shoots on. Each set had a different model with a theme and scene. We did a western girl, a bridal look, and Steampunk.

They even brought in amazing props like a vintage tub and period style furniture for the 50's pinup look, and even a cool red motor cycle for the Catwoman and James Bond themed shots.

One of my favorite looks was the Queen of Hearts. I started the by rubbing white Kryolan pancake makeup all over the model to make her tan skin as pale as possible. Then .......

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Best products & routine to take care of your face - does it include toner, stuff for eyes/mouth area, moisturizer, etc. What all do you need to do?"- from Christine Lee in Florida.

Answer: The total basics for a skin care routine would be a cleanser and a moisturizer for face and one for your eyes. Toners can be optional. They are designed to put skin back at the correct PH after cleansing and to remove any excess dirt that the cleanser missed. Kind of like a rinse cycle for your skin. So depending on the cleanser you are using, you may not need one.

When selecting a cleanser for your face choose one that won't totally strip it of all it's natural oils, even if you have oily skin. You want one that only removes dirt and excess oil. If the cleanser is too harsh it will make skin feel tight and dehydrated which can kick in your oil glands, which can be a problem if you already have oily skin.

If you wear makeup, be sure to start with a makeup remover. Most facial cleansers are not designed to break down the complex makeup formulas that we use today, especially if the cosmetics are designed to be long lasting. Great add ons that I would highly recommend for your skin would include serums, night creams and scrubs.

Serums are like vitamins for your skin because they give added boosts of nutrients like vitamin A & E, gloucosamine and nano peptides, to give your skin better resilience especially during times when skin looks stressed and worn down. Your body heals itself during your sleep so night creams are specifically designed to use that time help combat anti-aging and lack of hydration to skin. Scrubs are the best way to remove blocked pores like black heads and dry patches so your skin looks smooth and refined.

If you aren't sure what you want to try first, go with a skin care set like Clarins Multi Active Starter Kit that contains a gentle exfoliating cleanser and two moisturizers in smaller sizes so you can see what you like before you commit to the regular sized products.


My favorite thing this month is Blot Out Offensive Shine + Oil Control cream by Nurturing Force. It hydrates skin, gets rid of shine, blocks oil (especially great if you are extremely oily) and slows degradation of makeup.

I use this a lot when I'm working in hot sticky weather, where oil and sweat can break down the makeup. Great stuff!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This month the commercial for Gatarade that I worked on with Dwayne Wade finally came out. It was a day full of grooming Dwayne, designing wigs, and creating rip away clothes. It was a great time, but I'm sure I'm not making any sense right now so let me just slow down and start from the beginning.

Well it all started on a hot day in June when I got a phone call from my booker from the Opus Beauty agency. They wanted to see if I was available to.....

Beauty Questions
Beauty question: "I'm African-American with a dark brown complexion. I normally wear fuchsia lipstick but I would like to try a more subtle brown lip color, but I'm afraid it will just blend into my skin. What do you suggest?"- from Marcy in Ohio.

Answer: If you feel a typical brown lipstick is not to your liking, try the shade in a different texture like one with shimmer in it. I like the Black Opal Patent Lips Liquid Lipstick in Uptown Brown. The bronze flecks of shimmer give the color additional depth and dimention that won't 'blend in' to your skin town.


My favorite thing this month is the NYX Black Lable Lipstick. I really like how you don't need a lot of it, because it is so highly pigmented. I like to apply it with a brush instead of straight from the tube so I don't waste any of it.

It is a great creamy lipstick to try! Love it!

Monday, July 05, 2010

These past couple of months I was able to work with The Limited. The look they wanted was a fresh "out of college" look that shows that she is ready to take on the world in a stylish way.

To create that look I started with airbrush makeup to make skin look flawless then gave cheeks a pop of color with soft pink and highlighted the skin with gold shimmer.

Some of the makeup used was by Urban Decay and Estee Lauder. Eye color consisted of bronzes, chocolate brown, pink, lavendar or white shimmer to give definition without looking too made up. Lips were only a gloss.

Hair was kept flowing with a touch of wave by using a clipless curling iron, or by just winding hair around the barrel of a regular curling iron and then pulling it as it cooled down so waves stayed loose and natural.

After long days of shooting the creative director, wardrobe stylist and me hopped on set with the model to show our enthusiasm! Gotta make time for a little bit of play!

Not only did I get a chance to do makeup and some of the hair for the online catalogue but I also had the opportunity to do makeup for some of the toured fashion shows.

One of the biggest perks for doing makeup for the fashion show was to do makeup on the New York designer Jodi Arnold. Jodi has been popular for her "no fuss" chic style and has a boutique that inspired a collection specifically for the Limited brand.

The next time you are in The Limited, you just might be looking at some of my work!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I get red on my cheeks in the summer and would like to tone it down, but make it last all day. What can I do?"- from Wanita in Florida.

You can use a yellow based concealer like Covergirl Simply Ageless Corrector concealer, before your foundation. It will help tone down your red, and it will last without making skin look pastey.

Just be sure to hydrate skin first, pat a small amount of concealer on first then follow it with patting your foundation on TOP of the concealer and finish with face powder. If you decide to use a blush, go with peach or a golden bronzer or you will fill like you are adding the red back to your face again.

Let's talk about....


My favorite thing this month is the Nars Kabuki brush collection. I got a chance to try them and love how soft they are and their ability to blend very easily.

I love makeup brushes!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love watching HGTV and I love finding great buys for my house, so when I was called to do makeup and hair for HGTV Endless Yard Sale TV show I was excited!

We traveled from yard sale to yard sale with 3 groups of women to see if they could find the items they needed to decorate their favorite space in their house.

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "How can a guy contour his round face?"- from Mark in Florida.

Answer: When you contour a woman's face, you need it to look round and soft. When you contour a guy's face you want it to look strong so I like to create more angular lines. I normaly start by shaping the forehead with a bronzer like Tarte Bronze To Go on the temples to make it look a bit more square, then I apply it to the sides of the face to give the jawline a more square shape as well.

I don't apply to much, just enough to look natural but keep him as masculine as possible.


My favorite thing is a bit unusual. Since it was so hot, I kept drinking water, but when it was time to address my sweet tooth, I prefered to have a Edy's Fruit Bar instead. It is refreshing and cool in the summer heat but has vitamin C, real fruit and is only 80 calories per bar. Better than the ice cream from the ice cream stand that everyone else ate!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I get to do all types of projects but one of my favorite things to do is fashion shows because of the time I get to create, and the energy that goes on. One of the most interesting fashion shows that I get to do is the Asian Bridal Fashion Show.

I love the detail on the clothing. Everything is hand beaded, in rich vibrant colors. From head pieces to sarongs, to shoes. No detail was left out. The men looked like kings and the women looked like queens.

To create the look I used.....

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "How did you make the lip to be so glossy,and how did you get the eyes easily shaped."- from Timilehin in Lagos State.

I start with a high shine gloss like Wet N' Wild Glassy Gloss for impact. It creates a shine like glass, but the formula is thick so it won't easily slide off the face. After I apply my choice of lipcolor, I PAT on a small amount of gloss with my fingers so I don't over apply the product. This creates the look that I want but makes as long as possible.

My ability to shape eyes is from years of experience, but my biggest tips is to layer your colors. This helps product to blend better more seamlessly!

Now it is time for.....


My favorite thing this month is Swiss Gear luggage. I am always traveling from one East coast to West coast, so I love using this because it is durable and has a 10 year warranty. My favorite color?!...just like a lovely shade of lipstick of course!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

This month I did a beauty spread for Vestiture magazine called "Paint By Numbers". Since the theme of the issue was Art & Artitecture, the first thing I thought about was the old school paint by numbers sets that tried to help you paint like a pro...or at least make you feel like you were.

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "What is the best mascara that will make my lashes look longer and fuller?"- from Toonisha in Illinois.

Answer: One of my favorite mascara's is Lancome Definicils because it creates a crisp long lash but it isn't designed to thicken too so I use Covergirl Lashblast Fusion mascara because it can do both!

They fused the lengthing mascara from the yellow tube with the thickening mascara in the orange tube to create one that does both (in the purple tube). It gives you lush glam lashes and doesn't break the bank either! Vavoom!

Now it is time for.....


My favorite thing this month is my Twitter and Facebook pages! It makes it easy to give you more up to date info about the fun shoots and beauty tips that I do so be sure to join me!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I am always doing makeup for all kinds of things like editorial spreads, catalogs and commercials. This month I got a chance to do makeup for the FMI event in Florida.

I did various makeovers on the attendees but the highlight of the event was my time working with Tim Gunn of "Project Runway". "Project Runway" is a TV show that takes some of the best up-in-coming fashion designers and gives them a chance to win their 'dream come true', to show their collections down the runways of New York Fashion Week and to have the start up money and press needed to create their own lable. As a makeup artist, fashion and beauty go hand in hand, so I was estatic to be able to work with the guy that helps mold the new fashion designers into the next fashion gurus of the future.

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I have hazel eyes and find it difficult to find eyeshadows that look good with my eye color. Anytime I apply eyeshadow, I immediately rub it off because I feel like I look better naturally. Any suggestions for a good color for hazel eyes?"- from Ashley in Ohio.

Answer: Covergirl Exact Eyeshadow takes all of the guess work out of chosing the colors because they do it for you in one set.

My favorite thing this month is Black Opal's Fade and Conceal concealer.

I like how it totally hides my dark under eye circles with the correct undertone since I get hyperpigmentation from rubbing my eyes too much from allergies and lack of sleep.

It also corrects the discoloration by fading it to my regular skin tone. So it hides my flaws until it is finished correcting them. LOVE THAT!...RIGHT!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This month is the Spring/Summer issue of Brides Noir magazine. As the beauty director it is my job to make sure the look of the makeup is up to date with the latest colors but can be translated to brides as well.

The colors for Spring this season is yellow, soft purple (lavender), greenish-blue (teal) and tan. The theme of the issue is DRAMA and our model Megan Lewis was the perfect person to created the look we needed with style.

To create her look I used purple in a dramatic way for the eyes. I started with a soft lavender on the lid and contoured in the crease with a deeper shade of purple.

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I really need help !!!!! my elbows are very ugly and much much darker than my arms, I am a fair skin...sometimes I put (Covergirl) Queens face makeup on my elbows and most of the time I wear 3 quarter length sleeves, but I just got a dress w/ short sleeves so please help and thank you"- from Dee in Louisiana.

Answer: Start by changing you normal body soap and use a body wash that is designed to even out your skin tone, like DDF Brightening Cleanser. The cleanser is also specifically designed to use on your face too, so you can save money by using it for that as well.

It exfoliates the skin with alpha hydroxy and salicylic acid, to make skin smooth and even, but it also helps prevent additional discoloration by using licorice to impede the melanin in the skin.

Follow your cleansing with a body lotion that is effective for elbows like Ambi Soft & Even that has Shea butter and soy to hydrate your skin and make it soft while it has the additional benefits of correcting discoloration as well.

By using both products you will have an even complexion much faster. Expect to see a difference in your skin tone within about 4 to 6 weeks.

That was a good question! I look forward to answering another one next month.
Now it is time for.....


My favorite thing this month is the Estee Lauder Signature Eyeshadow Quads . I started using the quads when they had a limited edition set that consisted of beautiful shades of bronze, gold, copper and coral. I loved it because it added a wonderful shimmery that I could use on all skin tones but I also like the "Amber Honey" and "Smoky Pink" sets too. Hmmm....I don't think I want to use them on anyone else now except me! Maybe I like them too much! lol!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am so excited! In this month's issue of Vestiture magazine I created the beauty spread. The theme for the issue was white & black so I based the beauty spread off of those colors. I'm sure you are wondering why I am particularly excited about that since I do so many beauty spreads. Normally when I do a beauty spreads I have to be very conservative, but this time I got to be more creative so it was really fun.

I started with 2 models, one Caucasian (Rianna) and one African American (Michelle). To play up the contrast of light and dark I took their skin tones to the next level.....

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I need to know the best technique to use when applying concelor and makeup under the eyes of mature skin that has dark circles and fine lines. How can the discoloration be corrected and the fine line minimized? "- from Lisa in Texas.

Answer: Start by using a moisturizer. Don't try to take a short cut by applying a face moisturizer on your eye unless it is designed to do that. The skin in that area is 3 times thinner with smaller pores. It is more delicate then the rest of your face so a face cream can be too rich and thick. I like to use gel based moisturizers for the day with light reflecting abilities because they are light weight, soften the looks of wrinkles and usually combat puffiness as well.

Next apply a concealer by patting, not rubbing, for the best coverage. Tugging on your eye can cause additional wrinkles so using your ring finger, which is the weakest appendage, will be the best way to apply it.

Laura Mercier Undercover pot is a great one to try because it is creamy, not dry and cakey, and highly pigmented so you don't need a lot of product to cover your imperfections. The extra benefit is that it has both a light and dark color in the set so you can create the appropriate tone you need.

If you have very dark circles, take the time to apply thin layers instead of getting the urge to pile on a lot of product all at once. This will keep it from looking masky and fake.

Lastly set your concealer with a little bit of powder. The Laura Mercier Undercover Pot includes the translucent powder as well. I like to apply it with an eyeshadow blender brush so it goes on sheer, and then press it into the skin with a velour puff for a seamless finish.


My favorite thing is definitely the Bobbi Brown BU foundation set. I use it on Shaun Robinson when I do Access Hollywood, and it was the base I used for this Vestiture beauty spread as well.

It has tons of shades from the lightest to the darkest. Something for every skin color. There are concealers, foundations and correctors all in one set, but I like that there are two textures of product too. So I can use a concealer as a foundation if I like that texture better or a foundation as a concealer.

The best part?....great pigmentation! So you don't need a lot of product to do anything. A little goes a long way.