This month The Ellen DeGeneres Show teamed up with HGTV'd to surprise a couple in Killeen Texas and I got to do all of the makeup and hair for both shows.
Giving Jeanie some
bronze eye shadow
Working with Tanika Ray and David Bromstad of HGTV is always a treat for me but it was especially fun to work with Jeannie Klisiewicz, the production assistant from The Ellen show.
When Ellen isn't able to go on a location, Jeannie does it, so she interviewed the homeowners. I start the day off really early doing the hair and makeup on HGTV'd host Tanika Ray, so she can look her best when everyone arrives.
Gotta get the homeowners camera
ready before they see the big reveal

Next in my chair comes David Bromstad. After a bit of moisturizer, sunscreen and grooming with anti-shine he is all set to head over to the construction tent so he can work with the design crew about the needed changes. He never needs a lot of work, but sometimes I have to adjust any tan lines he might get from wearing his sunglasses in the hot sun. One of his favorite skin care items is....

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "How do you determine your best beauty feature to highlight, or is that necessary?"- from Gina in Chicago.

Answer: If you want to focus on your eyes for the day, use deep shades that will draw more attention to them but keep lips and cheeks simple by using a softer color.
When you want to focus on your lips try a darker or brighter color, and keep eye simple by only using mascara or nude colors so they are not as prominent.
There are no rules. It doesn't have to be your "best feature", you can highlight what ever YOU want.

Now it is time for.....


My favorite thing today is Gatorade. Even though we drank water too, I think the TV crew and I went through several cases of it. My favorite flavor is the fruit punch! Yummm!


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